More new 3d art for Unique items

The 0.11.4 patch notes aren't ready yet, so today's news is about some Unique items that are receiving their own 3d art in that patch. This screenshot shows unique art for Chober Chaber, Rime Gaze and Marohi Erqi. We also expect to have new 3d art for Bringer of Rain ready in time.

In other news, the 20% filesize decrease we've been discussing for 0.11.4 may actually be as large as 40% if things go according to plan. The additional performance change we were hoping to make for 0.11.5 may be included in 0.11.4. At this stage 0.11.4 is scheduled for Monday. I'm sorry that it wasn't deployable before the weekend, but these large art size changes are very important to get right. It's going to be a multi-gigabyte patch so we don't want to have people download that multiple times if we make a mistake.
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Looks Sick!
Dat Bringer.
Completed 9 ChallengesAux wrote:

:)))) gj GGG
verry nice !
Fantastic news! I've been f5'ing for like an hour now lol, very happy to here additional performance improvements.

I've been worried that releasing the game at the end of the year seemed a bit rushed, however if GGG keep up with improvements like this, it may actually be ready by then.
40%! and dat rime gaze.Swwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeet
Bye bye desync!

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