Best support spec for high level mapping (Onslaught | penta curse & much more)

Video of shrine - 77 map

Double Maze Vaal

This build is meant for high level mapping in groups only. It is the best support build in my opinion by far. This build only needs 4 links to work properly in high level maps, so it can be considered a budget build.

The build uses Leer Cast (+15% damage to allies; -30% damage for you), two shockwave totems with hatred to apply elemental equilibrium and blind, five curses (generally critical weakness, elemental weakness, projectile weakness, temporal chains, and enfeeble), and conduit.

(level 91)

Normal: Kill all
Cruel: Kill all
Merc: Kill all or help oak

Current gear

Leer Cast - if you can take the ES hit.

Atziri's foible for mana and dex/str requirements.

Doedre's damning/windsream for penta curse

Es chest/shield because life sucks

Ephemeral edge/aurumvorax depending on your resist needs. Alternatively, you can use supreme truth and put an enfeeble/tempchains in there with faster casting.

Gem choices

Shockwave totem - very underrated skill. It provides knockback, which save people from rhoa/blackguard charges and melee can't attack them.

Blind - another underrated support. Blind reduces their chance to hit by 75%. Urge your teammates not to take unwavering stance unless they are ci melee.

Faster casting/increased aoe - obvious choices

If you have a 5/6 link, put in an added damage gem so you can drop hatred, or use increased totem resist/reduced mana. Your choice depending on what you want.

I use discipline/clarity/purity/hatred. I would pop in vitality if you drop hatred for an added damage gem.

Best curses overall
Temporal chains/enfeeble - Always cast these first, unless your farming docks or something.
Crit weakness/elemental weakness/Projectile weakness - These are the most beneficial curses most of the time.

Other curses you might use
Vulnerability - Physical heavy team/ignite/degen bear.
Warlords mark - Physical heavy team that needs more lifesteal/mana steal.
Flammability - if you have a ignite carry.

Curses I wouldn't use
Conductivity - most lightning damage builds involve a lot of crit, so the other curses will out damage them.
Punishment - ...
Frostbite - other curses are better.
**be sure to warn your team that their dps will be insane and not to one shot themselves to reflect**

When you get enough levels, get conduit and put in an enduring cry. I got conduit at level 88.

Lastly, this is a very fun and entertaining build. Everyone is shocked to see you use shockwave totems, then after you run with them, they add you to friends because you're such a vital part of a map group.
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Could you upload a video showing off your gameplay?
Tiossi wrote:
Could you upload a video showing off your gameplay?
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nice stuff
how u proc EE
added fire or hatred
Nice Nice Nice, I think i know what im going to respec as (^_^)
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) When you disconnect in the lab ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
you should prob use added cold instead of added fire for EE then, you said no1 uses cold and using fire to proc it ain't good for fire builds/discharge
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ritualzz wrote:
you should prob use added cold instead of added fire for EE then, you said no1 uses cold and using fire to proc it ain't good for fire builds/discharge

pick what you need depending on your group. my group has an ele hit that stacks cold damage that can freeze level 77 bosses, so I use added fire.

I run an EE spork + Flame Sentinel summoner solo build. It's fun, causes complete chaos on-screen.

I watched your videos and I'm curious about one thing. When you're grouping, there seem to be added fire, cold, and lit damage auras from various players. Doesn't that mean that your totems will cause increased resistance to all three elements? I can't remember if totems receive all players' auras or just your own.

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