Post your best find of the day!

A preview for Blight League!

They dropped yesterday. I luckily annulled a bad mod, then fixed the rolls. Since I dont play standard, they will soon catch dust, but they will look good doing it!
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Another fine testament to the twisted sense of humor belonging to Rngesus. :-/
Made the mistake of leaving Ms. TB for last in a Vaal Temple map with nasty mods, but it was worth it.

Prepared a Lab runner during League to get a TS Enchant on my Quantity Helmet.
Boom - Patchnotes....

Lucky me yesterday, first TS Projectile Enchant in my POE Career,
just in time :)

Chris Wilson himself delivered these to me through a blight chest.

I'm playing coc ice nova, guess I don't need gloves anymore.

As I understand, to get the best chances at the mod I want(I guess what I have crafted right now is the best I can hit) I just mod something I don't want to roll, then exalt? I want to craft damage while leeching anyway eventually to go along with soul tether.

Not too shabby of boots for someone trying to approximate SSF.
Got the six link prophecy for the first time today. It was in one of the reward chests of a blight i think.

Not actually a find. But crafted this one with corroded and jagged fossils. Very good bleeding weapon.
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Open prefix on the gloves too =)
Nice race season reward you dropped today.

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