Contents of the 0.11.3 patch

As we approach a relatively final version of next week's patch, we've put together a consolidated list of its major changes. These aren't the complete patch notes, as they're missing many small bug fixes/tweaks and can of course change between now and then.

The experience death penalty will be reduced, as discussed in yesterday's news post. Based on substantial feedback, we've settled on values of 5% for Cruel and 10% for Merciless (which are higher than what we said yesterday). These are the same values used in other popular action RPGs, assuming the user fetched their corpse, and are 1/3 lower than what we currently use in 0.11.2. Please note that these values are just for testing purposes - the system can and will change in the future.

The new chat system is included in this patch. Trade chat has been separated from Global. You stay in the same channel throughout your session, even if you move between areas. You're told what chat channel you're in (they have numbers) and you can join a specific one if you want to (for example, /global 8 or /trade 3). You can be in up to one Global and one Trade channel at once. Channels are still separated by leagues. You can join a specific high channel number if you want a quiet place to talk to your friends.

The 0.11.3 patch also includes 1-2 new microtransaction effects and 2-4 new Unique items, depending on what's ready in time.

Harry has been working on fixing more bugs with our integrated Twitch support. These will be included in the patch, along with small bug fixes to other systems.

Carl has been looking into the Searing Bond and Incinerate skills (with a view to improving them). I don't yet know what changes will make it in, but they'll be included in the patch notes early next week.

A lot of changes (including a new skill, some performance improvements and critters) have been deferred to 0.11.4 because they require more than a week of quality assurance. More information will be posted when it's ready.

At this stage we're targeting roughly Wednesday (NZ time) for the deployment of 0.11.3. Thanks again for the great feedback!
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Glad to see another new skill added to the game, and as well as the new unique items.
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A lot of changes (including a new skill, some performance improvements and critters) have been deferred to 0.11.4 because they require more than a week of quality assurance. More information will be posted when it's ready.

Performance improvements \o/
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So nice guys!
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Hopefully the performance increases in 0.11.4 includes fixes for people with amd cards. 7970 and ice shot/discharge make the game nigh unplayable :(

Looking forward to seeing the new skill!
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Good move on the death penalty.

Should help the casuals keep interest.
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looking great, hoping to start getting more free time again to get back to playing more.

keep up the good work GGG
I'm happy to see the experience loss is being reduced, although I would be even happier if you reduced it to the even lower amount that you had planned earlier. I stopped playing POE for quite a while because of the exp loss amount, and I've returned just now to give the game another try.

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