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Last Updated: Sep 12

This will be your resource for information on the Wiki. It will be updated with new information as time goes on.

The Wiki is run by Iamacyborg, and Silva, ionface, Whiteboy88 and I are all admins for the Wiki. If you have a problem or question with the wiki, feel free to PM us here or ask us questions on our Wiki Talk pages.

Before we begin, here are some things that are in the works which we do not currently need help on:

-A new layout
-Monster Experience Data

We recently moved to a new server, so time outs should be fixed. Let us know if you have any problems.

If you’re interested in helping out at the Wiki, then great! We can use your help. First off, here is a resource to get you started with the Mediawiki Format. It’s very similar to BBCode, and is easy to pick up. If you find yourself curious about how to format something, you can search the MediaWiki manual and find instructions and discussions on the topic.

If you feel the Wiki is missing something important, please don’t spontaneously create it and spend hours on it without checking with an Admin. If you have an idea for something we’re missing, please post it here or in the Community Discussion and we’ll decide whether it’s suitable for the Wiki.

We are still dealing with spambots, so please bear with us. The best way to prove you are not a spambot is purely by actually updating the wiki, rather than, say, making a spam page.

Here are some things which we currently are soliciting information for and need to be updated on the wiki:

-Gem Data
If you’re lazy or wiki-phobic you can post your gems here and someone will upload your data into the wiki. Otherwise, feel free to update gem data yourself. Currently we need data for:
We have zero/near zero data on:

*Conversion Trap
*Explosive Arrow
*Projectile Weakness
*Purity Aura
*Raise Spectre
*Righteous Fire

We are lacking significant data on:

*Clarity Aura
*Cold Snap
*Determination Aura
*Dominating Blow
*Enduring Cry
*Ethereal Knives
*Grace Aura
*Haste Aura
*Ice Nova
*Immortal Call
*Lightning Warp
*Power Siphon
*Projectile Weakness
*Shock Nova
*Shockwave Totem
*Split Arrow
*Summon Skeletons
*Vitality Aura
*Vulnerability Curse
*Wrath Aura

We lack high level data on:

*Decoy Totem
*Detonate Dead
*Elemental Weakness
*Ethereal Knives
*Enfeeble Curse
*Fire Trap
*Freeze Mines
*Frost Wall
*Glacial Hammer
*Ground Slam
*Infernal Blow
*Lightning Arrow

We are also soliciting support gems. Here's the data we need for those:
Quality information for:
*Added Fire Damage
*Increased Critical Damage
*Increased Critical Strikes
*Increased Duration
*Minion Speed

We lack significant data on:
*Blood Magic
*Cold to Fire
*Elemental Proliferation
*Increased Critical Strikes
*Iron Grip
*Item Rarity
*Melee Damage on Full Life
*Minion Damage
*Minion Life
*Minion Speed
*Point Blank
*Remote Mine

We lack high level data on:
*Iron Will

9.11 UPDATE The recent update included more debuffs to elemental damage, so any skill gems that have elemental damage on them should be checked and re-input if the data has changed. Also, experience to level appears to have been changed quite a bit on some skills, so if you have them available, please update them.

Known Gems that Need to be Checked/Updated:
*Whirling Blades (Level)
*Cleave (Level)

Info on the new gems wanted! Also, Known Gems that Need to be Updated:
*Frost Wall

-Quest Reward Data
Coldet has collected a large amount of Quest Rewards here, and recently we’ve implemented this data on the Wiki as well. Some of the quests are lacking even Normal Quest Reward data, but most lack higher difficulty Quest Rewards.

The new quests haven't been input on the wiki yet, but will be by this weekend. Please keep checking/refreshing the data on the wiki or in Coldet's thread.

-Shield Block Chance
Currently, GGG don't have Shield Block Chance in their Shield section, and people have shown an interest in knowing this information. We have some of this information on our Shields page, but we are missing quite a few values.

-Passive/Mechanics Information
Currently much of the data about Passives and mechanics are buried deep in the forum and need to be excavated and moved to our Passives page.

-Other Languages
Currently we have German, French and Russian versions of the Wiki. They are all in desperate need of contributors and translators.

Do you have a high level character and are enjoying the new End Game Maps? That's great, and it would be awesome if you'd help us out with some information on those maps. We currently only have one or two people providing us information for these, so anything you can contribute would help. You can see here what we have, and what we need. Even if a map has a page already, check to see if you can add any extra information.

If you have any suggestions for sections or other improvements to the wiki, please post them here. This will be updated regularly to keep up with what information we need, and where. Thanks for helping us create this resource for PoE players!
Last edited by Aezlo on Sep 12, 2012, 2:47:38 AM
It's also worth pointing out that Mr_Cee is single handedly running the German language side of things, if anyone wants to help him with that, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

A French language wiki also exists with no active contributors and I'm currently resolving cookie issues with a Russian language wiki install.

I feel it's worth emphasising how much work the community has already put into this, Silva, ionface, Aezlo and Mr_Cee have been the real backbone of the project and without them it wouldn't be where it is now. There are other contributors too who've put in lots of their spare time into this project, and it's all really appreciated.
Been without a fully functioning PC so I haven't been able to work on the area pages like I wanted to, but I did take the time to fix some errors with the monster levels and I filled in the missing values.

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