0.9.11c Patch Notes

Tranx wrote:

i dont like that some skill and support gems are removed from questlines. I think its better for ggg and players that they can test so mutch things as possible. Or ramp up drope rate for gems without quality.

Some of them have been changed, sure, but you're probably going to have access to many more gems that you've never used before the changes. I took one of my characters (act two ruthless) back to collect rewards that I'd previously ignored, as they were previously of no use to me, and ended up with three or four support gems that I'd never found before in a fair bit of playtime, as well as a couple of the previously rare skill gems. I think the changes to gem availability are great.
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Mitch420 wrote:
I would like to just state that i'm having more fun with the new map system then I have had in a very long time with PoE. After 8 months of dedicated playing I would have to say this is one of my favorite additions along with the new skill tree. Great job GGG!

Agreed, this new system is a lot less monotonous. The changes to get access to maps in 9.11c are great, in spent a couple hours pre-9.11c trying to find a map without success, and I found 2 maps on my first pyramid run post patch. Those maps kept me going for a bit.. I only had to go back to the pyramid an hour later to find another map.. and boom got one on the first run again :}.

Nothing wrong with having to go back to do an act 2 boss run once in awhile.. I actually like running the pyramid.

Thumbs up GGG!

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only problem i have found with the new changes is u have basicaily made small chests and crate barrel which i use to open all the time now its a waste of time doing that when its like 20 opened in a row = nada out of them if ur going to nerf them that bad why not just take them out of the game and thats just since the new patch came out
Progammer wrote:
No where in the gaming world has a dev respond so fast about a problem with the current map system.

This is not accurate.

GGG is doing a great job! But there are lots of other quality dev teams out there.

Trendy (Dungeon Defenders) is one example. They frequently have 1-3+ small patches addressing bugs and balance issues within hours/days of large patches. Their community is much worse than this one though. Over there you would find a 10+ page thread complaining that the large patch was so broken that small patches were needed in the first place rather than appreciation for prompt fixes.
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PureHavok wrote:
NotSorry wrote:
Needs more Ice Arrow imo

THIS! 1000 x THIS!

Might could use some more direct lightning skills, too. =^[.]^=
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bummssacke wrote:
Chris wrote:
Version 0.9.11c
Level 60 Maps can now drop from monsters in all areas of Merciless Act Two. This also means that Ancient Pyramid runs now yield more Maps than before.
Removed some redundant skill gem rewards from the Brutus quest.

I don't know if I like that change, but it may be for the better until Act III gets released... Do higher level mobs have a higher chance to drop maps than for example those in Felshrine Ruins?

And will the quest rewards for the normal Hillock quest be reworked anytime soon? The gem you get from the first zombie and one of the skill gems rewarded are still the same.

Maps were implemented in Act 2 for testing purposes only and should have sufficient drop rates in order to be tested reasonably. Once act 3 is released nothing in act 2 will be dropping maps iirc.

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