0.9.11c Patch Notes

Targuil wrote:
Large chest fix, when?

It doesn't seem to be a problem in party, but I killed the Weaver last night, solo, and the large chest dropped 5 white items. I don't think that's right. ;)
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Any information on the unqiues or do we have to find them?
Needs more Ice Arrow imo
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large chests needs to be fixed.
Tired of saying how much i love the new patch, especially the new skill tree (can't speak about maps, since i still have a long path to endgame...).

Just a minor thing about new skill tree though: near the "iron reflexes" node there are 3 nodes related to attack speed while dual wielding. Acoording to description they provide the same bonus (4% increased attack speed while dual wielding"), but they differ in name (dual wield speed/attack speed while dual wielding). It confused me at the beginning and i spent like 2 minutes hovering mouse on one and on the other to catch the difference, while there were not...
BTW, this was on the web skill tree, haven't checked ingame.

BTW2: i loved the look of new skill tree on the demo video (all those flashy colors)! Will it stay like it is or you plan to change it later?

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(i guess he didn't have a beta key...)

i dont like that some skill and support gems are removed from questlines. I think its better for ggg and players that they can test so mutch things as possible. Or ramp up drope rate for gems without quality.


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Progammer wrote:
No where in the gaming world has a dev respond so fast about a problem with the current map system.

Chris = all existing gods combined

So Chris = 0? :P

Great job on the patches GGG, you guys are truly peerless.
Pretty happy about the maps change. I'll be able to accumulate them while I grind up enough to not get ganked by the Vaal Oversoul. He scares me.
I would like to just state that i'm having more fun with the new map system then I have had in a very long time with PoE. After 8 months of dedicated playing I would have to say this is one of my favorite additions along with the new skill tree. Great job GGG!

NotSorry wrote:
Needs more Ice Arrow imo

THIS! 1000 x THIS!

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