Tempest Shield + Necromantic Aegis

Another Tempest Shield + Necromantic Aegis question: does it currently work as I imagine it does, in that minions gain the ability to return lightning damage when they block attacks? Or, is it the same scenario as the passive shield nodes, in that they don't affect you or your minions? If not, are there plans to make it act this way?
The tempest shield spell does two things:
1) Puts a buff on you that grants 10% additional block chance with shields.
2) Deals lightning damage to anything you block damage from.

If you have Necromantic Aegis, you won't benefit from the blocking buff because you're no longer using the shield. And since you won't block anything, no damage is dealt by the spell.
Thanks for the swift response! Is the skill intended to be this way?
Yes. It specifically affects you.

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