3.24.3 Hotfix

伝説の wrote:
BenboFoSho wrote:
3.8GB just for a crash fix?? Naaaah you sneaking something else in! looool

371 KB

I don't know why that's what's showing up for you but it's definitely GB for me.

Don't know how to share images here.
Still can't play. App crashes after update...
How about instead of saying fixed a client crash, you actually spell it out for everyone; because simply saying fixed a client crash is utterly useless. You might as well not even bother to type it with how useless it is.
The game occasionally stays endless loading during scene loading after this update, please investigate.
- Game keeps crashing
- Launched game
- Selected a character
- When the map is about to load, it crashes and exits
Game keep crashing after 2 min in map plz fix it
You guys need better pcs. Time to upgrade
And just to think, this is what you get to look forward to for poe2
kyobusa wrote:
You guys need better pcs. Time to upgrade

true in many cases
Flames and madness. I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun. hoho
I have 14900k and 4090. Brand new pc. For some reason I am out of no where crashing to desktop with this new patch. Is there anything anyone knows why this is happening? Can’t get through 1 map without a straight to desktop crash with no error popping up.

Thank you in advance

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