Tomorrow Ghazzy and DarthMicrotransaction will be joined by Game Director Jonathan Rogers live on the Tavern Talk podcast to talk about the next playable class in Path of Exile 2!

The Interview will be on DarthMicrotransaction’s Twitch Channel, and the show will start on June 11th at 2PM PDT, or Jun 11, 2024 5:00 PM (EDT) in your local time. Don’t worry if you’re unable to join us live as Ghazzy will upload the interview to his Youtube Channel.

If you missed the teaser for this class you can check it out below and if you’re not sure who Ghazzy and DarthMicrotransaction are you can check out their last interview with Jonathan and Mark Roberts here.

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just upload the extended gameplay video with dev commentary instead, It's by far the best way to show off the new classes.

Unless theres something like that before the interview starts, it's going to be a snoozefest of stopping to ask random things every 2 seconds.
Let’s see what’s coming up.
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Alan Leonardo Piovesan
That didn't reveal anything? 🤔


ill still watch tho
Cool, they're doing it on DM's channel.

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