3.24.1 Hotfix 4

Altou wrote:
Can you drop the buff patch already? There's no way you guys think that scarab farming is all there is to endgame. You literally gutted every strat so far, so how about giving something back?

What exactly is your definition of "gutted?" There's like 20 different strats you can run and make over 10d an hour easily.
so it was bugged.. damn...
Honestly, the beasts not being able to be trapped in essences was one of the best changes that was made this league. It is a shame that it wasn't intentional but that seems to fall in line with my expectations for the league with how generally bad everything has felt so far.
roiidtv wrote:
would be nice to see some buffs to loot drops outside of tier 17, seems so unrewarding to run tier 16s to farm tier 17s in SSF then get absolutely no drops or tier 17 maps after like 30-50x maps. Please rework some of the drop chances on uniques and increase the drop rates of tier 17 maps so us SSF peeps can enjoy the game without having to migrate to trade.

100% - add a league mechanic that is not skippable, increases difficulty but with seemingly no rewards if not devoted - once again, a great league mechanic in concept but poorly executed

i assume sulphite scarab of fumes isn't working - doesn't spawn mobs around veins so i'm guessing the 500% quant from also doesn't work as there is also no visual of the fumes going out
Where is breach ring craft? Please, add it, i want to craft them T_T
Смех станет воплем, жизнь станет смертью...
It kinda feels like nowadays, they put way more effort into the MTX than the league itself at this point.

*huge sigh* What happened to PoE/GGG ? Such a downfall.
Delete quant/rarity bonuses for party players.
17,000 MageBloods Characters on poe.ninja - only.(possibly more).

Only in 3 weeks into League.

You not saw a problem in this GGG?

Like the most rare and powerfull Unique item in-game already have such amount of players?

Don't tell me - its cheap, it's not about price currently - but about of amount of drops for these 6-man party grinders aka Empyrean.
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all the fun map mods from latern have been pulled. Trading sucks and most scarabs are trash. The old system was overall better with compasses. If you guys wanted an SSF league why not make a mode with drops being account bound and allow us to make it rain currency and loot.
The only Problem here is MF culling, that should never be a thing.

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