3.24.1 Hotfix 4

3.24.1 Hotfix 4

  • Fixed a bug where Beasts could not be contained within Essence Monoliths.
  • Fixed a bug where the Harvest Craft to Sacrifice a Corrupted Gem for a Facetor's Lens would fail.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Last bumped on Apr 23, 2024, 7:20:50 PM
how about a buff its getting boring
would be nice to see some buffs to loot drops outside of tier 17, seems so unrewarding to run tier 16s to farm tier 17s in SSF then get absolutely no drops or tier 17 maps after like 30-50x maps. Please rework some of the drop chances on uniques and increase the drop rates of tier 17 maps so us SSF peeps can enjoy the game without having to migrate to trade.
can u plz fix the autoflask that does not work in trailmaster battle?
Cant you for a change buff scarabs that are beyond useless? like those what price are 1/3 of a chaos only buyable to vendor-reroll them?
Can you drop the buff patch already? There's no way you guys think that scarab farming is all there is to endgame. You literally gutted every strat so far, so how about giving something back?
In case people saying "buff please" didn't notice - GGG buffed rarity (both in T17s and from the mechanic) so much earlier in the league that historically ultra-rare items like Headhunter are now under 15 divines and Kalandra's Touch is now under 5 divines.

This has, of course, just led people to remove unique leather belts from their loot filters & carry on playing, seeing less 'special' drops than pre-buff.

Funny that.
Le Toucan Will Return
Can tornado of turbulence receive like... 100% more damage? numerically?
First Mirror drop at t8 pier map in legacy league :D
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade map in delirium league :D
Gods knows what happened in affliction league... :L
Can tornado of turbulence receive like... 100% more damage? numerically?

im nuking t17 +8 mod rares with tornado, only buff it needs is to have a bit increased travel speed or a new tech that makes it target enemy you marked
хахахаххахаха ну и govno)

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