3.24.1 Patch Notes

Time for other games, go next
Trill1987 wrote:
Pretty sure i remember GGG saying they don't make big changes mid season, and now they go and rip out a massive part of the current leagues strat; leaving everyone who wasn't on that train stuck at the bottom of a massively inflated economy with items nearly doubling just mere hours after the patch.

Hopefully next league doesn't suck i'm not sticking around to try and save pennies so that those who abused early can nickle and dime me with all there quick gains while i have to farm for days/weeks to earn one item.

Yeah, every single unique they find will be completely useless. The only worthwhile items to take will be currency, cause even crafting mats are next to useless this league. Sure, essence might be usable, but it's far from worthwhile.

It really sucks when the economy is broken, it really destroys the joy of finding something that's supposed to make one happy whích in turn completely ruins the fun of the game.

I still vote for league-remake
The league is dead. you need to delete all the currency of the people who exploited your game.
That’s awesome!

Now nolifers and their wifes,kids,dogs have mirror tier equipment coz they made tons of mirrors and other snaggle-toothed peasants must farm awesome 6 div/h for 3 weeks to get 1 mirror? Game is fun when all have same conditions, not when 1 Fubgun can buy all hh and magebloods on market and 1 casual player can’t buy 1 in 2 weeks
Can we just restart the league and pretend this shit never happened?
sirgog wrote:
Nothing addressing the wealth concentration caused by the divination scarabs. No MF nerfs.

This league's economy is almost as bad as last league's.

But MF has nothing to do with this or last leagues economy. 1 Exile per Pack vs many exiles = huge nerf (well deserved) + no ghost spawns on top of the nerfed exile pack size = less rarity, quant bonuses AND beyond monster spawns. I think they nerfed it very well there.

I dont say it fixes everything because it doesnt but its a good (when even very late) step in the right direction.

Still i believe in higher loot from base game without added mechanics than vise versa but lets see what they are planning to change.
Rod wrote:
I wonder, what could go wrong if you let people farm multiple mirrors a day and then disable that farming method for the rest. Hmm.

Yes, I´m pretty sure you were ready to use that strat today. Or better all day long.
So items i needed to my build just went up by 25-50% in couple of hours. So how does this help us? I had 40 div and item i needed was 50. Now it's 78 and i still have 40 div. Thanks GGG you learned from Blizzard how to do things.
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Good changes but a lil late

ps: remove T17s, T17 bad
No fun allowed, just as always.

Well at least i capitalized on buying a hh when it was 24d.
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