3.24.0b Hotfix 3

NeoVeXeReK wrote:
3.24.0b Hotfix 4

Game no longer contains fun

I chuckled lol
NeoVeXeReK wrote:
3.24.0b Hotfix 4

Game no longer contains fun

Damn right..

Why peoples don't understand I don't need a second job to play a video game, I need fun with out frustrations??????
And yet they are even worse now.... what did you do to them? I could handle them with bad mods in T16. Now I get one shot from offscreen or die to Decay in half a second.
So what games ya'll playing now since PoE dedge
This is quite sad.. most memories are really, REALLY bad time investment.. this league gave them an actual chance to compete with the atlas tree as a farming strategy. and the memories are incredible rare drops to start with.? if more people start using them..the price will raise?.so what was the problem?..
i get alot of players just used them to get alot of maps and reroll for divine chance.. but there was other cool mechanics and synergies you could use with necropolis.
if you wanted people to stop fishing for divine proc. why not just lower the chance on memories?..
personally i used it to farm 5-6 jewels. got like 15 per map... skipping the first 3 maps of the memory..
this might seem op.. but the memories themselves are unaffected by atlas.. so you lose a shit ton of other stuff running them... compared to just a jucied 100% delirium map... and people drop 5 stacks mageblood cards.. i fell like this is just hitting the less endgame farming minded people... it hits the casuals.. that found a decent way to make some currency...
its quite annoying when a shitty player like myself, finally find some farming strategy that gives some decent return.. and then i invest in it, go to bed.. wake up and now i just wasted time and currency.
managed to farm like 200 5-6 moded jewels before the nerf one sold 4 divines.. and like 15 for 80c.. the rest are just sitting there.. i had fun.. i like some of the memories.. but now there is only really einhar harvest once again... and the rest are dogshit.. sad. =(
sorry for venting frustration. but im sure alot of people fell the same way. there are 100 of other more broken mechanics in the game. i just liked the fun factor of maybe getting a good 6 moded jewel.. rip memories...
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Aw maaaaaan, memories were already bad, but now i cant even convert 1000s of artifacts into currency shards, or spam abyss spires with +10 projectiles and tormented spirits. dang yo, big nerf for no good reason.
WHY? Better nerf party farm instead of continuing to kill the little rest of solo playing fun.
Keep digging bois

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