3.23.2c Patch Notes

Downloadfehler (Patch-Tabelle nicht gefunden) Ps5
Cant start game,Download error (patching tavle not found) ps5
Download error (patching table not found)

PS5 update
download error (patch table not found) PS5
Cant log in. Download Error (patching table not found)
Am i the only one?
i have that problem
Last edited by GATO_VZLA on Mar 26, 2024, 6:20:45 PM
Patching Table not found.

Would a patching work-bench suffice? A patching ironing-board? Hell my grandma taught me a bit of sewing, I could patch on my lap if need be.

Y'all need to get together with Chris Wilsons's forehead's forehead and figure this out, I got testing to do, thanks dorks.
yep happening to my buddy on ps4 too
Patching table not found error +1
Download Error (patching not found) PS5

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