3.23.2b Patch Notes

Cool. Won't be buying any of them unless the left click nerfs get reverted.

Speak for yourself. LMB nerf is reasonable and should have been expected especially since guard skills are not intended to be used like this.

GGG does need to look at mines and minion builds though and adjust that because they are the only ones actually impacted by this for the most part. Everyone else is just being lazy and doesnt want to learn to use guard skills as intended.
Couldn't care less.
And the server is not up.......
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any word on fixin the current league bugs on consoles? losin hope
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DurzoStern wrote:
Couldn't care less.

yet you're here lol
ScubaSk33t wrote:
any word on fixin the current league bugs on consoles? losin hope

No word, not even recognition that there is a problem yet, for either system

50% less Hopium Reservation Efficiency

We didn't even get our own patch notes till now 💀
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"We've heard your concerns and have been looking into them. Please allow time for us to introduce another supporter pack and decide what sale to put on next before we address any of massive flaws that everyone is experiencing."

Looks like random disco lights are going core, boys.

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