[Xbox] Xbox Backend Update

Any word on the constant crashes? I cannot run maps anymore. I crash multiple times a map.

Xbox Series X.
As of right now, In Xbox I cannot invite someone to my game. I thought this backend patch was supposed to fix that issue. Please advise!
Hope they going to update soon the game unplayable keep crashing and cant inv people
Updates take time guys... They can't just snap their fingers and fix these issues. Just be patient, complaining more about things they already know doesn't make them work faster, it's just disrespectful.
cannot invite ppl controler thing still happen cannot create new character and game crashes non stop
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I always thought they had to send these updates to Microsoft first so they could check if it worked for the Xbox 🤔Unfortunately you'll have to be patient, it's not as easy as you think
GGG do a rollback , xbox series X , texture bug, sound bug, logout issue, crash like crazy .....
come on do something crashing 3times in a row in a single map
Certainly just logged me off just now. G.
When is the next patch coming to fix this patch?

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