Later this week we plan to release the 3.23.1c update which will include the changes to Account Moderation we mentioned last week.

After this update all new mutes will have the following restrictions added:
  • You will be unable to send or receive whispers from players if they are not on your Friends List and you are not on their Friends List.
  • You will not be shown as online on the trade website.

Mutes applied prior to this update will not have these extra restrictions applied.
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Emm... nice?
Good step forward!
Yes sir.
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Maybe I am seeing things I want to see, but did you guys notice how many people commented that this change is not a good step forward?

You could've assured us by covering the appeal process for ridiculous mutes like "2 years". I don't know if you guys have dedicated human moderators on every channel, but I understand if you don't if you're using auto-mod of some sort/ biased humans too, there's going to be an unfair ban now and then.

Please detail an appeal process. What's with the ridiculous mute length like ten thousand hours and such?

Also, please perma-BAN RMT message posters, I see a million "hey divine orb for $0.49" ads in the game chat! and a million more vulgar/offensive character names, cover all grounds?
player agency, where?

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These are a bad change.

Some things need more moderation than they get now, like character names intended solely to harass.

But these changes as an overall package simply empower trolls, who WILL sit in global 1, post maliciously bad advice, then report anyone who corrects them if that correction can be construed as even remotely harsh.

It WILL be used by people who will aim to start political rows in global by carefully shifting discussion onto public figures with controversial political views. A statement like "Kanye's new album is (musical opinion)" will start political fights. The person making it knows that, and they'll be the one reporting every political comment.

My question is - don't you think trolling in global is bad enough without going out of your way to make it worse with these changes?
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well i thought mute affected trading as well since you need to whisper someone, i was wrong the whole time. But then i never earned any mute lasting longer than 30 minutes for mild political trolling in G3.

I find any punishments lasting years kinda ridiculous, this is a video game, not a felony in real life to warrant such long sanctions (including permabans). I mean im active on doomworld too and these fuckers still witch hunt SgtMarkIV for shitposts made in early 2010's. A god damn decade later they still don't let it go. This is just unhealthy and signals obsession over petty things.

If anything, it should be structured like this:

1) 30 min mute - hey bro, chill with this shitposting
2) 1 day mute - ok you had your warning and didn't listen
3) 7 day mute - you still didn't listen
4) league mute - mate just take a break, return in new season with a clear mind

Permabans should be handed only to obvious offenders advertising rmt etc.
This whole thing is gonna blow up in your faces. This is just 1 step shy of censorship.
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