Affliction Talent Competition Winners

Congrats everyone, really great work, top three are excellent! Love everything!
Yeeaaah! Third place, thank you sooo much ggg. <3
Concrats to everyone, there are so many insane entries, crazy.
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Primal Huntress by Flopis is my favorite! Beautiful art!
Softcore, solo self-found.
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Storm Call Occultist in Affliction
That Kalandra game got me hooked this evening. Great job!
Congrats to the winners!
awesome stuff. gratz all!
Love the Kalandra game, just like POE how endgame goes down to 1FPS, after I got a divine orb it was all lag from there. 5746 Final score, I wish it kept going till the end like Tetris though. Anyways, great game - I wish this was in top 3.
...And then i met piety again!!..
True talents!

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