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some content creators put multiple game tags in their descriptions or tags and it was getting through the filter, wrote an explicit check to further filter out diablo content from future posts/videos.


diablo_terms = [
"ashava the pestilent",
"avarice the gold",
"blizzard entertainment",
"blizzard north",
"blood bishop",
"deckard cain",
"diablo 2",
"diablo 3",
"diablo 4",
"diablo ii",
"diablo iii",
"diablo iv",
"dry steppes",
"echo of varshan",
"fractured peaks",
"khazra abomination",
"lilith's lament",
"malphas ",
"mother's judgement",
"reaper of souls",
"resurrected malice",
"rift guardian",
"skeleton king",
"skeleton lord",
"skovos isles",
"spiritcaller of frost",
"the beast in the ice",
"the defiler",
"vampire lord zir",
"varshan the consumed",
"vessel of hatred",
"wandering death",
"zultan kule",
# "david brevik",
# "max schaefer",
# "erich schaefer",
# "bill roper",
# "matt uelmen

# Check if String Contains Diablo Topics
def contains_diablo_substring(self, string):
string = string.lower()
regex = r'\b(?:{})\b'.format('|'.join(diablo_terms))
match =, string, re.IGNORECASE)
return bool(match)

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