In today's news post, we're showing off some art from the Kalguuran Runesmith and Shackled Immortal Supporter Packs, both from our new set of Core Supporter Packs! Check them out below.

Kalguuran Runesmith Armour Set

Kalguuran Runesmith Cloak

Kalguuran Forgemaster Station Hideout Decoration

Steamchord Rune Hideout Decoration

Shackled Immortal Armour Set

Forsaken Flame Back Attachment

Looking for more Concept Art? Check out the links below!
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Grinding Gear Games
Some amazing concept arts. Love it!
you outdid yourselves with the first 2 tiers haha, they're marvelous!
The shackled immortal set is incredibly cool, and one of my top five armor sets for sure
This time round it’s the lower tiers supporter packs that looks better :(
IGN: JerleSteelChampion/JerleRuthlessAgain
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
i would spend irresponsible amounts of money on all of this stuff
Makes sense why we didn't, but I wish we had the over the shoulder cloak as an alt option.
cool, when will eu get fixed?
Where are the goblins?

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