For our next Concept Art post, we're sharing art of the armour sets found in the Affliction Mystery Box and Kirac's Vault Pass. Check them out below!

Nethermancer Armour Set

Eldritch Royalty Armour Set

Cursebringer Armour Set

Looking for more Concept Art? Check out the link below!
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Grinding Gear Games
I love these! They are so cool! We need a spend point get box event so i can get more boxes to open :') PLEASE GGG <3
Man I love the concept art posts, so cool to see. the concept art given in the core supporter pack art I have I love so much that I have it framed up on my wall <3
Very cool!
ᛁᚾ ᛟᛞᛁᚾ ᚹᛖ ᛏᚱᚢᛊᛏ
I'm sad ingame nethermancer isnt looking as Intimidating and dark as the concept but i like the conceopt art a lot :)
Absolutely epic!
IGN: JerleSteelChampion/JerleRuthlessAgain
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
Super cool designs. Thanks for all the transparency from the dev teams.
love Eldritch Royalty Armour Set,hope to see it soon

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