3.23.0c Hotfix 1

I could put my hand in the fire if poe wouldn't be heavier than poe2 when it launches, even with the better graphs.
Can we get at least any update or work about performance bunch of us cant even play the game without lag or crash...
Where is server fix?

Or performance fix?

I know you clown don't care about poe 1 but you could at least pretend to.
Tormented Spirits IGNORE PLAYERS
I HAVE found a bug that has been bothering me for several days, to the point that I spend money so that what has to happen does not happen.
The Tormented spirits do not possess me when the map is in delirium, in my case all the maps are in 20% delirium.
I have stayed by their side as long as possible until they are free and they have not possessed me all this using the KEYSTONE (SPEAKER OF THE DEAD)
I have noticed that the tormented spirits remain in a mechanic or in some loop which makes them NOT MOVE, ignore the player and release themselves after the time they can be active.
I don't like this anymore and I don't know what to do. I've tried many things and nothing continues to ignore the player.
I don't have a video or anything like that but just enter a map, send delirium and stay glued to the tormented spirit and you will see that he does absolutely nothing, he stays still.
I'll try to create a little video.


and fix the performance problem (directx11/vulkan textures issues/directx12)
and fix the abyss do no lead to stygian spire.

fix the problem with the /monster/boss mob (King of the mitts) where after a certain mechanic in the wilwood forest the boss stays still and does nothing

Add a graphics mode to the game where you can disable all kinds of things that can help the performance of the game called strategic mode, where you don't want to see absolutely anything unnecessary, just farm as you should without performance problems.
I have realized that if your performance is not going well where there are hordes of many mobs, it greatly affects the skills, for example, the trauma of the boneshatter does not load normally/does not stack as time and hits for a fps rate not constant.
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[BUG : Ball Lightning Static with TRAP/MINE support]

When supported by Trap or Mine, Ball lightning Static is created in a completely unexpected location, not the location where it was triggered.
since this Hotfix on 4th Jan, i constantly DCed when trying to enter new map/instance.4 things happened:

1)Unable to connect to login server,
2)If able to connect to login server, failed to connect to instance,
3)Can connect to login server, can connect to instance which is any Town, then wen i taking WP to new map, it DCed me back to login screen.
4)If i can go pass all 3, login server>town>maps/hideout, the next time i'm enter portal or map it DCed me back to login screen..

This is so frustrating when leveling new char..

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