Path of Exile: Affliction Talent Competition

Hi everyone !
Since I’ve a new idea and the time to drawn it, here’s a second submission.

« That wi(t)ch was taken » :

I hope you will like that witch.

Have a nice day exiles.
Here's my submission! Glad to finally participate (:

Progress shots:
Here's mine. I call it... Light In My Darkness. Acrylic on canvas.

Hello There !

Here's my submission for the competition.

Hope you like it :)

I've made some sort of trailer/gameplay ? Dunno how to describe it :D

2d Animation

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Hello there!
My work is in the form of a divination card with King in The Mists. Hope you like it)
So... I'm still bad at drawing, and I'm still trying to enter a talent competition. But an interesting idea came to my mind and I tried to implement it. It took, of course, more time than it could have. But I tried.

I hope you will enjoy.

Few process screens :P

my hideouts -
Hi all! It's great to see how many talented people have decided to participate and I'm very happy to be a part of such a community!
I was so impressed by the scene of the battle with the King in the Mists and how he shows his true form, I was amazed at the depth of the character who is ready to do anything so that his people can get out of Nothingness and live without experiencing terrible pain, that in the same moment I realized - I have to draw it. A mighty King walking through his domain and his subjects following in his shadow.
Thank you GGG for creating such a strong character with awesome design and voiceline, it was awesome.


Also, this league turned out to be absolutely insane in farming cool shiny useless stuff. and every time after work, I was torn between wanting to go to bed and run through another extra super-puper juicy map with my husband. I made a meme with my templar so that you could feel it too XD
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Here is my submission! Was too busy but I got there.
Here is my juiced up King in the Mist with all the wisps.

I loved the color explosion each time the wisps triggered so I just imagined eldritch horror getting all flamboyant with it.




I am Erki

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