BONE ZOMBIES 3.24 | Wrecker's Stress-Free Build(s) & Filter | 1-Button, HC SSF, & Pure Item Freedom

Hey Everyone!

If you like the idea of Stress-Free Path of Exile, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find access to:

- A laid-back podcast that's 99% Path of Exile (maybe 98.6%...).
- Some stress-free builds to take you through whatever Atlas Passive Tree you've built.
- And filters that show as little as possible without missing out on anything.

- Forever Exiled:
Forever Exiled: a Laid-Back Path of Exile Podcast that You'll Love, if You're Rad

If you're looking for a casual Path of Exile Podcast that's "99%" Path of Exile, my buddy Tagz and I have exactly that! A casual Path of Exile podcast that's "99%" Path of Exile! We put an episode out once a week (2 if you're a supporter!) and talk about all things Path of Exile, "99%" of the time.

Tagz started playing Path of Exile during the 2012 Beta and I started in 2014. We've been gaming together since the NES days and have VERY different preferences and playstyles when it comes to ARPGs, so we never run out of things to make fun of each other about. So, if you want to join a couple of buds talking about their favourite game over a few drinks, pull up a chair and enjoy yourselves! We're growing like crazy and we couldn't be more thankful to our listeners!

(If you're looking for a safe and relaxing PoE community, feel free to join our Discord (via the website). It's a bunch of like-minded PoE players from all walks of life and PoE talents. You're very welcome, no matter where you are in life or your PoE career.)

- Bone Zombies (Necromancer, Zombies) 3.24:
- Righteous Bond (Chieftain, Righteous Fire) 3.24:
- Bone Reaper (Necromancer, Reaper) 3.24:
Build Summaries (Build specific details are within each link under Notes)
3.24: BONE ZOMBIES (Right click!):
This Zombie build is the oldest and most seasoned of all my builds and has withstood the test of every meta change since 3.0.. Being a Necromancer for minions used to be the only logical choice...and it's still my preference. Zombies haven't received much love, if any, from GGG over the years, but in my opinion, the Raise Zombie skill gem is the epitome of what minion skills "should" be like.

This a laidback build whose damage is simple to scale with easy defence. The build is really easy to gear and nothing needs to be farmed or traded for. All you do in this build is choose where to stand (with stationary perks!); both the offence and defence are automatic. People may scoff at the skill, but I have yet to hit a wall en route to pinnacle content, no matter the league. Think of zombies as the Righteous Fire of minions! Just take care of yourself and find that loot! You'll clear the Atlas with a yawn and smile. It's easy 1-button fun!

Zombie lovers unit!

3.24: RIGHTEOUS BOND (Right click!):
Everyone needs a good RF build to play every now and then. Back in the day, everyone always talked about needing specific unique items to sustain RF. It drove me nuts. So in 3.5, I came out with my first Righteous Fire guide that didn't require any items. Being a Chieftain was my preferred choice back then, and it still is. I wanted as many people to experience RF as possible and didn't want to see one of my favourite skills gated behind specific drops. A lot has changed since then, but the build has carried on ever since. Like all my builds, the damage is easy to scale, the defence is easy, and it's easy to gear. We just walk/stand around and cast Searing Bond. Everything else is automatic! The levelling process is a bit slow at first (based on what gems the Chief is guaranteed during the campaign) but once you can sustain RF, it's easy sailing; cast Searing Bond and find that loot! You'll clear the Atlas with a yawn and smile. It's easy 1-button fun! (Don't forget to check the Notes tab within the build.)

3.24: Bone Reaper (Right click!):
The thing that turns me on about the Reaper (Nercomancer) is that there isn't any micromanagement. I don't have to check on any minions. It's just me, and my Reaper. Though typical Reaper gameplay is pretty button-mashy and fast-paced, I like to play it with everything automatic. Like my zombie build, the damage is easy to scale, it's easy defence, and it's easy to gear. Nothing needs to be farmed or traded for. I don't build this Reaper like many of the community do (no bows here), but I have enjoyed every pinnacle map I've taken this build through. All you'll need to do is take care of yourself and you'll fly through the atlas with a yawn and a smile. It's easy 1 button fun! (Don't forget to check the Notes tab within the build.)

All of My Builds are Designed to:
Be SSF HC Savvy.
- That's defence before offence, life before glory, /deaths = 0 before damage.

Be as Stress-Free (to me) as Possible. Which means:
- Having only one main button/skill to press, with (maybe) an occasional secondary button/skill.
- Having a defensive setup that allows slow reaction time or slow character movement. We should be able to zone out, take damage, and react slowly with our flasks or skills, to easily survive.
- Playing at whatever pace I'm in the mood for. (I don't use Movement Skills. They make me nauseous. But, if you like to use them, which you probably do, Movement skills are brainlessly easy to add to any build.)

Have ITEM FREEDOM. I like Path of Exile to be a game of discovery and excitement. I want every item that I ID to have the potential to be better than what I have equipped. I also don't like "needing" a specific fancy mod or item for my build to actually function. So, I design my builds not to require specific gear or mods. I think of gear as a bonus to the build. (Obviously, we want good gear and need it for pinnacle content, but we won't be crippled until we get it. SSF, am I right?)
Gameplay Expectations
- My builds' designs revolve around an HC SSF mentality.

- These are my personal builds, so they aren't slapped together apathetically. Unless otherwise stated, I've played variations of each for years.

- I expect all my builds to be able to handle juiced pinnacle content (with appropriate end-game gear).

- These builds are planned around core content, not the newest temporary league.

- None of my builds will require specific or fancy items/mods to function. Every item is a possible upgrade. (Don't worry, I'm not naive to the fact that we need good gear to progress and be successful. All success in PoE is dependent on gear. I'm just saying that we aren't dependent on drop chance for the build's concepts to function and be efficient. With the Passive Tree and Gem setups in my builds, we can take whatever the game gives us, and as long as we're not overlooking the basics, we'll have no problem with progress and completion.)

- Flasks are always a personal preference and therefore are up to you. (I automate almost everything.)

Public Builds (Not Guides) & Not Being Able to Reply
- As mentioned here, I'm no longer able to do full-fledged guides and replies. :( I wish I could, but life no longer allows me to commit that much time and effort for replies and maintenance.

- The above came with an outpouring of well wishes, love, and support with lots of requests to keep my builds updated for the public. Thanks to, that can easily be done <3.

- Any additional details I think my builds need are included within the builds themselves (the "Notes" tab within whichever link). Unfortunately, they won't be step-by-step processes, but I think people learn PoE better when they have to make their own choices anyway. So, you win ;).

- I wish I had time to respond to everyone's comments or questions. I'm really sorry I can't. But, if you're stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck, I'll make sure to find some time for you.

- I will see all of this thread's posts, though. So your feedback is most welcome.

- Remember, in PoE Land, any small modification to a build is a big change. So any modifications you make to my posted builds are 111% on you. Read and remember your modifications with care.
PoEPlanner vs. PoB & Getting Build Updates
Why Use PoEPlanner?
1) PoE Planner rocks.

2) PoEPlanner is wonderfully mobile, and so am I. Anywhere, anytime. Grocery shopping, tire changes, Uber'ing, hanging at a buddy's place, momentarily escaping to the bathroom at a family gathering? It all equals Theory-crafting.

3) It's easy to forget what real gameplay is like when looking at exciting numbers "on paper". I use PoB for tons; no doubt about it. But PoEPlanner allows me to make choices for my builds with realistic gameplay and playstyle at the forefront of my thoughts, without distraction. I find I make the most efficient builds on my own, with just my brain and the wiki. PoB double-checks my work, makes sure I've considered the obvious, and/or does some of the tricky math that I wish PoE did in-game.

"Follow" the Builds for Automatic Updates!
- These are my personal builds that I use for my day-to-day gaming.

- Bookmark or Follow (via logging in) my builds to always have the most up-to-date version without hassle. The builds are automatically up-to-date with my most recent tweaks every time you load the build.

- (I do my best to make only minor tweaks (if any) during a league. The big changes are typically only applied during league transition periods. I will Tweet/X if I'm going to make any major change mid-league, which I hope to never do.)

- (Manually save a build if you find it's perfect for you, just in case I tweak the build and you dislike my changes.)

Twitter/X for League-Launch
- I use Twitter/X to inform build/filter followers when my content is up-to-date for the upcoming league. That way followers don't have to play the "refresh game" on whatever site they're excited about. Just chill and relax. Unless I'm dead, the Tweet/X will come.

- This is my Twitter account.

- I don't use Twitter/X for anything personal. It's all about staying informed about GGG stuff (and occasionally yelling at EA or Microsoft). It's a very quiet account.

- SSF filters specifically for my builds, for everyone, and even for ruthless:
My Filters

I LOVE FILTERS! So, I make my own! For me, making filters is just as fun as playing Path of Exile. If you're looking to cut down on the amount of garbage on your screen but don't want to miss anything, my filters are right up your alley. They only filter equipable items. Everything else will show (but in a non-intrusive way that easily lets you know what is worth skipping or turning around for).[/b]

I've made three types of filters for every platform:

1 - A filter that's build-specific, only showing gear that's relevant to the builds I have posted in this post.
2 - A filter for everyone, that's relevant for all builds.
3 - A Ruthless filter (for the crazies).

The filters are designed for SSF play and they become more and more strict as we progress through the game.
- The filters start-off lenient, for the sake of levelling at league start, and get to the point where AreaLevel 83+ will only show the best basetypes and only if their ItemLevel is capable of rolling a T1 mod for any/all mods it is capable of rolling.
- All filters, at all times, will only show the best items of each Class (e.g., Boots) and Sub-Class (e.g., Armour/ES Boots), based on the AreaLevel and ItemLevel. ("Best" items are based on the item's class, then sub-class, then the items' implicit, and/or native item stats (like Armour or Attack Speed). Only the best of each category will show.)
- The visual and audio themes become more and more informative the deeper we progress in the game, allowing us to easily recognize drops for what they are and to be as picky as a stuck-up prince/princess when our character is all set up.

The filters still show all other currency, fragments, maps, div. cards...everything! But, again, it's displayed in a non-obtrusive easy-to-ignore way unless you need to be aware of the item's presence. (I do require some items to be in increasingly greater groups to be displayed as we increase our AreaLevel.)

I personally think the filters are at a really good balance of not showing too much (except while Delving early in the campaign...but that's on GGG), while also giving us decent opportunities for upgrades based on where we are in the game. Let me know if I'm wrong!

Please let me know if you have any feedback or see any errors you may find within the filters...otherwise, I hope they enhance your PoE experience!

If my filters interest you, once you've clicked on the link above, click "Follow" next to the filter(s) that you want. It'll automatically load that filter to your in-game filter list AND automatically update it every time you log in to PoE! Just "follow" and forget!

That's it! You beautiful person, you! Happy stress-free grinding!

Oh, by the way, if you ever see me online, feel free to say "hi"! I don't broadcast to make an income; it's just for fun and to hang out. So feel free to stop by if you like. Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
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MINE! (Just in case.) Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
Also MINE! (Also just in cases.) Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
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Totally by accident ran into this post. Following the podcasts, while running, commented on reddit and IM IN ONE of the podcasts. Building a zombie build in your honor now!
Lord_Polko wrote:
Totally by accident ran into this post. Following the podcasts, while running, commented on reddit and IM IN ONE of the podcasts. Building a zombie build in your honor now!
Hahaha! Polko!

That's hilarious! That's a ton of coincidences! Thanks for sharing. :) You're awesome <3.

Good luck with the zombie build! I pray you won't hate me forever afterward! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
Was looking for build ideas I haven't tried before and I liked the sound of your reaper build! Any tips/recommendations for leveling? Thanks and hope you're well
I used to see your builds years back and got inspired by the idea of 1-button builds and ended up making a lot of my own 1-button builds aswell. Just released my first one on yt and I just wanted to say I appreciate what you do even if I personally don't use the guides. Have a nice day!
I came across your Bone Zombie build as I'm looking for a low impact build (as few buttons to push as possible, ease of gearing and play) due to progressing health issues with my hands and wrists. I have played Pohx's RF Inquisitor until now and have no experience with minion builds. While there's no issue with following your build and the notes, I'm uncertain about the skill gem progression while leveling from start to what is shown on the planner.

Could you very shortly mention what the steps are?

Thank you! :)
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Thanks for this amazing post and awesome guides! I'm leveling the zombies right away. Am I correctly seeing that there are no travel skills in your builds (flamedash, frostblink)?
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