3.23.0 Hotfix 7

EK is still not fixed, and sawblade MTX was only thing making it usable, so you break that as well? I want a refund on sawblade mtx now.
Spleexz wrote:
any info about fixing the actual skill and not nerfing the mtx that makes the skill playable since everything else is bugged about EK?

Sorry, we're currently investigating what's happened with it.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
while they fixing just use lingering version of the gem, it's working at least :D (but has a lowest number of projs)
any further information?
Ethereal knives gem is STILL not working properly
Since the gem is completely bugged, can we just get sawblades mtx reverted so at least we can have a usable version until the gem is fixed at least.
Any news/timeline on this fix? Please..
Please fix EK and returning projectile gems. based my entire characters skills around them and now they dont do what they did at all.
any info on this? it keeps hitting targets without doing any damage (even without mtx) and the range with 100% proj speed is like the base was before 3.23...
i was league starting as ek poison , in league start poison conc was bugged and i suffered a lot , now my best support skills for ek not working , very fun league for me.
EK fix waiting room

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