Constant Crash to Desktop

Happening on two different computers of mine. Has GGG acknowledged this?
Bump post same issue here. Seems to be Deli rated.
Same issue here as well.
Is there any staff around who can address this issue? It's stopping me from playing your game........
- Removed all MTX;
- Set game on Bare Minimum Graphics;
- Tried DirectX > Vulcan > DirectX;

Specs i9-13900KF / 4090 / 64 GB Ram

Still crashing.

Latest nVidia and windows (10) drivers installed.

This didn't happen 2 leagues ago, not sure what changed, had about 12 crash's today, not sure how to play and enjoy the game.
bump help please
Bump. Clicking play black loading comes up then it crashes.

I reinstalled Drivers and ALSO reinstalled the game on a different drive.

Problem even started while I was playing.
Bump, still a thing on i7 13700k, 32gb ddr5, rtx3080, m2 ssd, win11
random crashes, no clues why. sometimes i can play 1h, sometimes it crash 20 sec in, doesn't matter what i'm doing, can be in my hideout, map, heist, pinacle bosses. This started 2 weeks ago. no glitch, no freeze, it just close with no error.

i7-8700k, GTX 1080TI, DDR4 32go, M2, win 10.

i did:

clean install
GPU driver
tried DirectX11/12 and vulkan
tried to play with everything else close and my 2nd screen off.
i've messed with nvidia and windows settings

i've done so many thing my pc never been that clean for a long time and last season everything was fine.

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