3.22.2b Patch Notes

3.22.2b Patch Notes

  • This is the end of the Ancestor League. Your characters and their progress will be migrated over the next few hours following the patch, or you can use the migration options in the character selection menu. Thanks for playing!
  • Silver Coins will be deleted upon logging in.
  • You can now create Private Leagues for the Affliction League, ahead of the league's launch on December 8. These leagues will not begin until the Affliction League launches.
  • After this patch, local cached assets will be cleaned up upon launching the client, in preparation of the upcoming league launch.
  • You can now change the name of your character, or swap the names of two of your characters, through the Path of Exile website. Two uses of this service are granted each week, stacking up to a maximum of twenty uses. You can access this through the My Account page.

Item Filter Changes

  • Added a new Import command to load contents of one item filter into another.
  • Item filters can now use "!=" in place of "!" if desired to check for negation.
  • When specifying multiple matches for negation specifically, item filters now use "none of" instead of "any of" for the match.
  • CustomAlertSound can now specify multiple files, separated by semicolons, and will play one at random.
  • Fixed != (and !) not working with EnchantmentPassiveNode, HasExplicitMod, HasEnchantment rules.
  • Fixed a bug where hidden items could still play effects, sounds and create minimap icons.
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GGG saving GGG support! nice changes!
Songs are like knights. They need to be covered in metal.
Can now hide rick rolls in item filters.
Name changing characters? That's pretty cool! Is the maximum of 20 per character, or for the lifetime of the account?
Is that 20 uses per league or total?
Why does this remind me of seeing a dog chase its tail?
- Silver Coins will be deleted upon logging in.

. . . . . WHY? . . . . .
Change character name is very nice.

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