[3.24] Ivory Tower attribute stacking LL Ice Spear CoC Inquisitor

3.22 changes affecting the build
- Radiant Faith has been heavily nerfed (from 160% of Life Reservation to 25% of Mana Reservation). This significantly reduced the power of its Forbidden Flesh/Flame jewel set. Now it's better to go Sanctuary of Thought.
- Tattoos: majority have no value as the build doesn't really want to replace any attribute nodes.
- New Support Gem: Spellblade. Adds a Battlemage effect without mentioning Battlemage. Since the build is made around this effect, the support is incredibly strong (~140% more damage) - an order of magnitude difference compared to a typical support (~40% more damage). It is so powerful I expect GGG to nerf it.

The only Tattoos that have positive effects are:
- Tattoo of the Ramako Makanga (Skills fire an additional Projectile) - there are spots for it along this build's tree but sacrificing 8 tree points in total for +1 projectile is questionable. Probably you can invest these points into core build scaling stats or Cluster Jewels and get more in return.
- Journey Tattoo of Makanui (Random Keystone) - may save 3 points required to reach Iron Reflexes
- Honoured Tattoo of the Tuatara (+4 to all Attributes) - to replace +10 Dexterity passives
- Honoured Tattoo of the Hatungo (1% increased Reservation Efficiency of Skills)
- Honoured Tattoo of the Berserker (You gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Hit) - but the Attack Speed is not really needed
- Tattoo of the Tawhoa Makanga (Flasks applied to you have 8% increased Effect) - maybe, depending on your flask suffix mods
- Tattoo of the Kitava Shaman (4% increased Life Reservation Efficiency of Skills)
- Tattoo of the Hinekora Shaman (Regenerate 3 Mana per second)

These Tattoos are baits:
- Honoured Tattoo of the Wise (+1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems) - worse than +30 Intelligence it replaces
- Honoured Tattoo of the Pa (Melee Hits Fortify) - as of writing this, the exact Fortification formula is unknown but we can be sure this build deals too low melee damage to make it work

3.23 changes affecting the build
3.23 has removed Alternate Quality Gems, Labirynth Helmet Enchants and unique Threshold Jewels and replaced them with Transfigured Gems. The effects are:
- New gems also have variants but they can function very differently, not just having a different effect from quality.
- Vast amount of gems has been rebalanced. Pretty much every changed gem has its quality effect changed from increased scaling to more scaling. As a result, quality is now significantly more valueable.
- Lab Helment Enchants are gone. Skills which relied on these have been rebalanced but may need to build slightly differently now.

Surprisingly no Spellblade nerfs.

Gem-specific changes for this build (note: these are all default gems (at 20% quality), Transfigured versions of all gems are not yet revealed):
- Ice Spear - second form projectiles now have +40% Crit Multi instead of +40% Projectile Damage. Good buff but the build loses pierce from (now gone) alternate version. Perhaps use a Charm in the new Ascendancy? I guess there will be +1/2 Pierce available.
- Cyclone - 10% more Movement Speed instead of +10% AoE. Basically the default is now a stronger version of (now gone) Divergent Cyclone. Good but likely irrelevant as most people use The Stampede which overrides Movement to fixed value of +50%.
- Energy Blade - 10% increased Crit Chance (which applied to the weapon pseudo-item and was effectively 10% more) replaced with 5% more global ES (additive with built-in 50% less ES penalty). The crit can be capped through Inquisitor's Righteous Providence alone so ... this is a buff. A pretty significant one. Now it is worth to link EB with Enhance for even more global ES.
- Purity of Elements - +40% AoE replaced with +5% to all Elemental Resistances. Basically a stronger version of previous Anomalous version (+10% local Aura Effect).
- Inspiration - +20% Inspiration Charge Duration replaced with 5% reduced Mana Cost. So the default now is a weaker version of past Divergent version.

Other, impactful change: Ultimatum replaces Metamorph, takes over Catalysts and introduces a new one: Tainted Catalyst (rolls random quality type with random value). This is a significant buff to (previously uncatalystable) Eyes of the Greatwolf.

Overall, the build is roughly in the same spot now:
- The single most significant loss is the helmet enchant, which pushes optimal attack speed increase from 29% to 48%. Fill with Watcher's Eye Precision mod, flasks and/or tree.
= Tattoos are gone but they weren't anything significant (unless you rolled IR keystone to save 3 points).
= The build lost some Alternate Quality Gems but a lot of new default gem versions are better - the only problem is obtaining Pierce which now requires annointing Piercing Shots.
+ Linking Energy Blade with Enhance is now very beneficial.
+ Eyes of the Greatwolf are buffed (Tainted Catalyst).

3.24 changes affecting the build
- Sniper's Mark slightly nerfed. Still best possible curse/mark.
- >20% Quality flasks change: now obtainable through Vaal Orb instead of Hillock.
- No more Vorici for White Sockets (there are other means though).
- Utility flasks changed from 20% less damage taken to +5% max resist. No difference at 75% resistance, a buff if you raise the cap.
- Utility flasks resistance nerfed: -20% of resist suffix (max is now only +20%), -10% on flask base (from +50% to +40%).
- The Veiled modifier that provides reduced Mana Cost of Skills during Effect can no longer be unveiled or crafted on Flasks.
- The Jewel Suffix modifier that grants 3-5% reduced Mana Cost can no longer roll.
- No more Charms (basically a nerf for vast majority of builds).
- Veiled Chaos Orb changed to Veiled Orb (Annul + Veiled slam). Will impact ring crafting.
- Tattoos are back but there is nothing particulary amazing. Just a way to micro-optimize.

Most changes ignorable, except flasks. You will need to obtain additional 30% all Elemental Resistance and be more creative with reducing Mana Cost.

There is no changelog due to 50k character limit. Last update (check post's date): incorporated all 3.24 changes (nerfs) into the guide, expanded mana cost section, added tattoos in last sections, added 3.23 PoB, updated Ring crafting guide. Added tree spot for Unnatural Instinct. Added link to my character on poe.ninja.

I hardly ever make any build guides but after switching to this build from various Cospri CoCs I was so satisfied I wanted to spread the message. This build offers me all the QoL I sought in any Cyclone-based build while at the same time it is easier to gear, scales better, has higher ceiling and is more cost-effective than any LL/CI Cospri or FR CoCs I have played or seen.

This build has a lot of mechanical and optimization nuances so instead of posting ultimate PoB-warrior import that is hard to follow, I focus on explaining all possible paths you can take while building a similar character. The build has few quite important gear/tree choices that impact other gear/tree decisions and the guide is made to let you make the best possible informed decision. Many of the tips included come from my own gameplay during 3.22 (Ancestor league) and 3.23 (Affliction league).

Other guides about this build (not mine)
- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3389754
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuEcduAAviQ


- good single-target damage (good bosser)
- 5-digit ES
- easy to equip: majority of gear are uniques (only 2-4 rares in equipment)
- lazy playstyle: automatic flasks and only 2 buttons (cyclone + movement skill)
- cost-effective: many gear slots have cheap alternatives that work quite well
- very high ceiling with lots of powerful (and expensive) upgrades
- extreme stability (no momentum) - the build uses absolutely no ramping or any temporary buffs - everything is always on and you don't need to use any extra skills during a fight
- lots of Auras/Buffs so you can flex MTXs

- not a starter build (complex mechanics, lots of uniques, doesn't work on low level)
- fragile to some relatively common map mods (anti-aura and anti-flask)
- all Traitor-based builds are fundamentally flawed (read "Other remarks" section) - you will die from time to time from specific Torment mod with absolutely no counterplay

- starting budget: linked body armour + few divines
- ceiling budget: mirror+ (tons of space for luxury upgrades)
- clear speed: average
- FPS: average (spammy CoC but the skill isn't particulary heavy)
- crafting required: low or very low (majority of gear are uniques)

3.24 (Necropolis) implementation
https://poe.ninja/builds/necropolis/character/Xeverous/wiser_and_beefier (~150-200 div budget)
- DPS: 25M (+40-50% shock on most Bosses: ~40M)
- ES: 13337 (leet) (ninja doesn't compute legion jewel correctly, PoB will)
- Armour: 53k
- No Forbidden Flesh/Flame - everything else well-optimized

3.23 (Affliction) implementation
https://pobb.in/Le2g9Cd8snm8 (50-100 div budget)

3.22 (TotA) implementation
https://pobb.in/L0cLwe1rtx7Y (~60 div budget)
- DPS: 30M Shaper
- ES: 9k
- Armour: 50k

With higher investment you can reach ~15k ES and ~100M DPS.
Someone else's characters (far more optimized and far more expensive):
- https://pobb.in/KGEDeFvQDN6b
- https://pobb.in/ugdi4vTlvNAq

Budget breakdown
helmet - 1
gloves - 1
boots - 1 (mostly for annoint)
body - 5
weapon - 0
shield - 2
amulet - 9
rings - 2x 4
belt - 1
flasks - 1 (mostly for unveil of the mana mod)

Split Personality - 2x 5
Watcher's Eye - 10
rare Cobalt Jewels - 2x 2
Legion Jewel - 2
Cluster Jewels - 2
4 rare Abyss Jewels - 2

gems: don't remember, all for few divines (mostly Enlighten)

Build Description & Mechanics
Int and Str stacking Inquisitor utilizing multiple uniques to scale CoC Ice Spear.

Core mechanics:
- Use Ivory Tower (+30 maximum ES per 100 Reserved Life) and reserve as much Life as possible (a low-life ES build).
- Deal with Chaos Damage by having permanent Coruscating Elixir (a unique flask with Shavronne's effect).
- Sustain Coruscating Elixir by using Brutal Restraint unique Legion jewel with Balbala's Keystone (The Traitor).
- With Traitor, permanently sustain exactly 3 flasks: Ruby (Coruscating Elixir), Topaz (magic) and Sapphire (magic).
- Equip many other uniques that scale Life, ES and Attributes. This is possible thanks to 3 resistance flasks.
- Use Energy Blade skill to convert ES to a very powerful lightning weapon.
- Use Inquisitor's Ascendancy (Battlemage and attribute-based Crit Chance scaling) to utilize the weapon for CoC.
- Optimize the tree for attribute stacking - this includes Iron Will and Split Personality jewels.

Leveling, Bandits, Pantheon
There is no leveling tree as this build is not intended to be started from. Level with a different build and switch when you have ~90 lvl and enough currency to acquire linked body armour, 2x Split Personality and all cheap uniques.
You may level this build as a Hierophant (Brands or something similar). The tree has easy access to Mind Over Matter and Eldritch Battery.

Bandit: kill all. This build really wants points and they will be spent more efficiently than all things offered by Alira.

- Major: Solaris (defence against Physical damage) or Arakaali (defence against Chaos damage) - depends on your Chaos resist and preference.
- Minor: Ralakesh (no extra bleed damage while moving and max 5 stacks of Corrupted Blood) - the build has no flask space to deal with these and the only other place is jewel implicit mod corruption.

The Tree
The tree may look point-inefficient but note that:
- This is an attribute-stacking build. +10 attribute nodes aren't treated as low value points as on other builds.
- The tree aims to create longest possible path for Split Personality jewels. With optimal jewels, each point away from the start is worth an additional +5 attribute value.

Optional tree stuff, from the start:
- Precision: in case of missing Dexterity and/or Attack Speed
- Light of Divinity and Holy Dominion: might be useful at the start to cap resists and crit. Refund later for points to spend on (much more efficient) Cluster Jewels.
- Righteous Decree: not mandatory but very useful to take to solve mana problems. Note: one of the adjacent small nodes is slightly better.
- Dynamo/Battle Rouse: for Mana Reservation Mastery (both take 3 points).
- Unwavering Stance: mandatory - you don't want to get stunned while Cycloning. We either don't care about Evasion or go Iron Reflexes.
- Champion of the Cause: for Mana Reservation (also take 8% small passive behind it).
- Iron Reflexes and Golem's Blood: I recommend to invest into these while you don't have any strong source of Physical damage reduction. Determination alone will give you ~20k Armour while IR+Determination+Grace ~50k. Golem's Blood is better than Devotion (same % Life but additional regen).
- Jewel Socket near Stamina - good spot for Unnatural Instinct (16% Life + 6% all Res).
- Divine Shield: bad, even with 50k Armour.
- Arcane Capacitor: if you have mana problems.
- Zealot's Oath: allocate if you have sources of % Life regen (e.g. Golem's Blood or Consecrated Ground from Zealotry).
- +30 dex and +30 str nodes: allocate if you need to balance your attribute needs.
- From this point onwards, this part of the tree is most customizable. Individual trees differ mostly in this part.
- Melding: very good if you don't have money for 2 good non-cluster jewels.
- Throatseeker: good if you lack a lot of Crit Multi or want the mastery to increase Awakened CoC level.
- Light Eater: taken mostly for its mastery (10% instant Leech). Very good if you want fast ES recovery. Replacable with Charm mod.
- Written in Blood: just generally good. Actually necessary if you want Light Radius.
- Soul Thief: optional but 2% ES on kill adds a ton of survivability in monster-dense encounters. Insanely good while leveling. Later replace with instant leech.

+50 Life mastery is marginally better than taking +6% Life node.

Take any nearby (2 points to spend) jewel sockets. For cluster jewels, optimal setups use 1 or 2.

General gameplay tips
Building tips:
- Do not invest into Crit Chance. The build easily caps it just from Inquisitor's Righteous Providence.
- Do not invest into Accuracy. The build easily caps it from Shaper's Touch.
- When Crit and Accuracy is capped: Strength > Intelligence. From such point onwards, Strength offers better Life+ES scaling.
- Life > ES (for both flat and % increase).

Map mods to avoid:
- elemental reflect (impossible)
- no mana regen (impossible)
- anti-aura (doable but at significantly worse damage and defences)
- anti-flask (doable but you must be fast and rely on kills to refill)

Expedition mods to avoid:
- Lightning immunity
- Attack/Spell Block
- Hits can not be Critical Strikes

And most important: NEVER FORGET to launch flasks upon entering a new zone. The game will often remind you very quickly when you commit the mistake.

Equipment and other gear
Slots that have fixed items (no choices):


You can use any 1h weapon for Energy Blade, it will be replaced by the skill to a special pseudo-item.

This special item replaces all mods but keeps links and sockets. This allows to have an Abyssal Socket mod for an additional jewel.

Buy any low-dexterity-requirement 1h weapon with Abyssal socket or create one yourself by using Hollow Fossil. You will never need to do anything more with the weapon as there is absolutely nothing more that can be optimized here.

- Corrupted weapons work.
- Incubator can be applied to the original weapon, but will not count kills.


Nothing other than Ivory Tower - this is the core scaling item for this build.

The Chaos Damage taken from Mana before Life mod is effectively ignored. With Coruscating Elixir, ES is before both Mana and Life for any damage.

Ivory's Tower 2% ES regen does not require Zealot's Oath to work. It is already ES regen.

Optional, very expensive upgrade: Heist enchant (Tailoring Orb) that grants:
- 15% increased Explicit Defence Modifier magnitudes (will increase the scaling mod from 30 to 34 ES per 100 Life Reserved)
- 200% increased Attribute Requirements

There are few similar enchants from Tailoring Orb but they either have worse defence mod increase or break the sockets.


Rathpith Globe is BiS. A ton of damage scaling for this build.

The Sacrifice Life on skill use mod can not kill you (max down to 1 life) and doesn't prevent you from using skills - just ignore it, this is already a low-life build so being constantly brought down to 1 life is not an issue.

Cheaper option (while leveling): https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Light_of_Lunaris or any rare shield with some ES and attributes - you can craft them through Essences of Rage (which guuarantee flat str - ES shields naturally can roll only int attribute).

Corruption implicit:
- best: (4–6)% increased maximum Life
- other good: +2 Aura/AoE and Physical taken as <Element>


Shaper's Touch is simply the best. A ton of attribute-based scaling which also solves accuracy need which isn't easy to satisfy for Templar builds.

Best corruption implicits:
- %# increased Attack Speed
- +1 to Level of Socketed Gems - to boost Enhance to further increase Energy Blade's Quality

Curses won't work because the build already has a Mark (see its section) and attack speed is more valuable than Aura gem mods or any Life or ES mod.


First purchase: Astramentis. It adds a ton of attributes.

Upgrade: Eyes of the Greatwolf with (24-32)% increased Attributes mod and one of the following mods:
- +(48-72)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- (16-24)% increased maximum Life
- (30-50)% increased Global Defences
- (50-70)% increased Damage
- (40-60)% increased Lightning Damage
- (40-60)% increased Spell Damage
- (4-6)% additional Physical Damage Reduction
- (12-20)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
- Regenerate 4% of Life per second

Which mod and roll combination is best depends on other items but typically maximum Life and Crit Multi will heavily beat anything else. Use PoB to compare but be aware of the reservation thresholds (see last section).

DO NOT upgrade Astramentis to Greatwolf as soon as you have money. The talisman works well only if you have obtained enough Attributes elsewere - around 1100 str and 1100 int. Until such point Astramentis will be better, especially if you struggle with meeting Dexterity requirements.

Absolute build twist: Greatwolf with any 100% of <element> Damage from Hits taken as <element> Damage mod. This option, sacrificing Damage Over Time survivability opens up some Aura and Flask choices. I haven't researched them but they seem interesting.

An alternative: new Simplex Amulet (3 mods, 100% increased effect (120% with Catalysts)) (likely extremely expensive) with:
- (prefix, Warlord) 2% damage per 15 Strength
- (suffix, Shaper) 19% increased Attributes
- (suffix, Warlord) 26% increased Strength

PoB testing shows that Greatwolf (which better balances Intelligence) and adds Life/Crit Multi is better.

Slots that have choices:


Crown of the Inward Eye is great here. 3 Transfigurations grant a ton of damage for this build.

Good corruptions (if you can afford such):
- Regenerate (1.6–2)% of Life per second
- Socketed Skill Gems get a 90% Cost & Reservation Multiplier
- (4–6)% increased maximum Life
- (4–6)% increased maximum Energy Shield
- +2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems (or any other +# to Level that affects auras)

For the Crown, prioritize enchant over good corruption. The roll also matters a lot. The enchant is really important. Because Energy Blades function differently, this enchant applies to the weapon as a local statistic, effectively working as 15% more Attack Speed. Gone in 3.23. Now invest more into Attack Speed.

An alternative: Glimpse of Chaos. This item offers:
- much higher Life, Mana and ES increases
- powerful and unique corruption implicits
at the cost of:
- no Transfigurations (which are a significant damage boost)
- significant resistance penalties

Valuable corruptions:
- Skills fire an additional Projectile (by far the best corruption for Ice Spear of Splitting - basically double AoE damage)
- Socketed Skill Gems get a 80% Cost & Reservation Multiplier (best utility)
- Nearby Enemies have Malediction (take 10% increased damage, deal 10% reduced damage - mixed offence/defence)
- (10-15)% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills (mixed offence/defence/utility)

Damage-wise, the only Glimpse that beats an Enchanted Crown is the one that has +1 projectile corruption (+2.5% Full DPS for default Ice Spear, ~double area damage/coverage for Splitting variant). The Reservation mod can be more powerful but is too complex to estimate its power.

3.23 removed helmet Enchants and brought back Ultimatum so the Glimpse is now slightly more tempting but still annoying to build around.

I recommend Crown as the default because:
- it is much cheaper
- it does not require to gamble on Glimpse's unique corruption interaction (read wiki if you don't know)
- it is much easier to gear around

Non-alternative: Black Sun Crest. Even with perfect rolls and the enchant, it is still -19% Full DPS for my character. It's attribute increase and lack of ES can not beat 3 Transfigurations.


Cheap and extremely efficient: The Stampede. They provide additional Mana Regeneration while moving, an extra Annointment and also prevent Cyclone from penalizing Movement Speed. This should be your first purchase and can be the last too. Note: Cycloning in place does not count as moving.

Best corruptions:
- (4–6)% increased maximum Life
- (4–6)% increased maximum Energy Shield
- +2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems (or any similar mod that matches used Auras/Buffs)

Very expensive but BiS for min-maxing: rare ES-base boots with the following or similar mods:
- (prefix) +# to maximum Life
- (prefix) #% increased local ES / +# to local ES
- (prefix) +#% movement speed
- (suffix) +# to Intelligence
- (suffix, Essence) +# to Strength
- (suffix, Hunter) #% increased Strength
- (suffix, Delve) Abyssal Socket

You should definitely start with the unique. Strictly in numbers, rare boots will be better but they incur much higher cost and drop a lot of utility/QoL (Annointment, Movement Speed).

Extremely expensive build twist: Raider-like influenced boots (Onslaught, Tailwind, Action Speed, Cooldown Recovery, etc.) and then Mageblood, aiming at reaching 52% Cooldown threshold.


First purchase: Cyclopeian Coil. It's very efficient. A perfect roll provides 18% increase to all Attributes with catalysts.

Best corruption implicit: #% increased str/int. Note that only high-rolled catalysed belts are worthy of corruption - otherwise you lose more on bad roll, lack of +40 Life and lack of catalysts than gain through the corruption.

Expensive minmaxing: rare Stygian Vise with the following mods:
- (prefix, ilvl: 64) +(90–99) to maximum Life
- (prefix, Elder (ilvl: 75) or Hunter (ilvl: 84)) (7–10)% increased maximum Life
- (prefix, ilvl: 80) +(48–51) to maximum Energy Shield
- (suffix, Elder or Hunter, ilvl: 75) (10–12)% increased Attributes
- (suffix, ilvl: 85) +(56–60) to Strength
- (suffix, Essence) +(51–58) to Intelligence

Such belt has to be very well rolled (a lot of T1 mods), otherwise the loss of % attribute increase won't return. Prefixes are less important than suffixes here (start with suffixes).


There are few possible setups:
- 1-2x rare ring with attributes, life and -# mana cost
- 0-1x Nimis (best for single-target damage) (expensive)
- 0-1x Kalandra's Touch (for duplicating extremely good rare)

Nimis works best if you have lots of Pierce and fight a stationary target. Little benefit if you go Ice Spear of Splitting. More details: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3451000/page/7#p25228246.

Leveling rings:
- Praxis (or any other Ring with -# to Total Mana Cost of Skills mod)
- Le Heup of All
- Perandus Signet

Ring crafting guide
Goal mods:
- (prefix) +# to maximum Life OR (Unveiled) hybrid +# to maximum Life, Regenerate # Mana per second
- (prefix) +# to maximum ES
- (prefix, Bench) Non-Channelling Skills have -# to Total Mana Cost
- (suffix) +# to Strength
- (suffix) +# to Intelligence
- (suffix) +# to All Attributes OR #% increased Mana Regeneration OR +#% to Chaos Resistance

Any crafting here will start with suffixes. Flat ES is least important mod. The choice for the last one (All Attributes or Mana Regen) depends on whether you have Forbidden Flesh/Flame with Sanctuary of Thought (which grants 50% less Mana Cost of Skills).

The mana cost craft is obtained by unveiling Rings with "Elreon's Veiled" prefix. If you don't do Syndicate you can search for rings with this Veiled mod on trade. Note: Unveiling any Elreon's Mana Cost mod will grant crafting possibility for both Channelling and non-Channelling skills.

Good bases:
- Amethyst: +(17-23)% to Chaos Resistance
- Vermillion: (5-7)% increased maximum Life
- https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Experimented_base_type#Rings - Suffix-oriented ones
- Synthesised: anything powerful (% Life/ES, % Attributes/Strength)

You can craft a very good ring with just few divines. If you go with any Heist-specific base, the guide is the same - you will just have more suffixes and less prefixes.

Note: the steps below are for (removed in 3.24) Veiled Chaos Orb but you can still use exactly the same method with Harvest Reforges. Craft for the new Orb further down.

1. Acquire a Ring that has Fractured All Attributes or Mana Regen mod (flat Strength/Intelligence is fine too but these have higher weights so rolling other mods will be a bit harder).
2. Use Deafening Essence of Spite (Intelligence) or Rage (Strength) for another attribute mod until you hit it together with third Attribute mod or another mod of your choice. You should have now 3 desired suffixes.
- If Essence hit 6 mods go to step 3.
- Otherwise go to step 4.
3. Use Annul.
- Annul removed any suffix: go back to step 2.
- Annul removed any prefix: go forward to step 4.
4. You should have now 3 desired suffixes and a space for bench-crafted prefix mod.
- "I'm broke" variant: craft mana cost and go to step 10.
- "I have 2 divines" variant: go to step 5.
5. Craft Suffixes can not be changed and use Veiled Chaos Orb (which has estimated 8/12, 3/12 and 1/12 chances to roll 4/5/6 mods). You should have now an item with 3 desired suffixes and 1-3 prefixes (one of which is Veiled). If Veiled Chaos rolled 3 prefixes (which blocks further bench crafting), use Annul.
- Annul not needed or removed non-veiled prefix: go forward to step 6.
- Annul removed veiled prefix: go back to step 4.
- Annul removed any suffix: go back to step 2.
6. Craft +# to maximum Mana mod to block mana unveils.
7. Unveil hybrid life with mana regen (75% chance to appear). Note: you can't unveil Mana Cost and Damage because they are Elreon- and Leo-specific and Veiled Chaos Orb does not roll person-specific mods.
- Unveil successful: go forward to step 8.
- Unveil failed: go back to step 4.
8. Craft Mana Cost mod.
9. Exalt hoping for flat ES (Conqueror's Exalts can not be used on Fractured items).
10. Use Intrinsic catalysts (for attributes).

3.24 new Veiled Orb:

1. Acquire a Ring that has Fractured All Attributes or Mana Regen mod (flat Strength/Intelligence is fine too but these have higher weights so rolling other mods will be a bit harder).
2. Use Deafening Essence of Spite (Intelligence) or Rage (Strength) for another attribute mod until you hit it together with third Attribute mod or another mod of your choice. You should have now 3 desired suffixes.
- If Essence hit 6 mods go to step 3.
- Otherwise go to step 4.
3. Use Annul.
- Annul removed any suffix: go back to step 2.
- Annul removed any prefix: go forward to step 4.
4. You should have now 3 desired suffixes and a space for bench-crafted prefix mod.
- "I'm broke" variant: craft mana cost and go to step 10.
- "I have 4 divines" variant: go to step 5.
5. Craft Suffixes can not be changed.
6. Use Orb of Scouring to remove Prefixes.
7. Craft Suffixes can not be changed.
8. Use Veiled Orb. Now it can only remove the metamod.
9. Craft +# to maximum Mana mod to block mana unveils.
10. Unveil hybrid life with mana regen (75% chance to appear). Note: you can't unveil Mana Cost and Damage because they are Elreon- and Leo-specific and Veiled Chaos Orb does not roll person-specific mods.
- Unveil successful: go forward to step 11.
- Unveil failed: go back to step 4.
11. Craft Mana Cost mod.
12. Exalt hoping for flat ES (Conqueror's Exalts can not be used on Fractured items).
13. Use Intrinsic catalysts (for attributes).


There are 3 good nodes to choose from:
- Utmost Intellect (+40 Int, 8% increased Int)
- Charisma (16% Reservation Efficiency) (not worth to path to on the tree) - optional for Auras
- Soul Thief (2% ES on kill) - optional for dealing with monster-dense encounters; the better your gear and level the less valueable this node becomes
- Tranquility (Transfiguration of Soul) - mandatory if you go with Glimpse of Chaos

Note that if you use The Stampede, you can have 2 Annointments in total. Whatever your preferred combination is, always have Utmost Intellect - either from the tree or from an Annointment.

Note that with Tainted Oil you can Annoint corrupted items.


The build uses exactly 3 flasks:
- Coruscating Elixir
- Saphire Flask
- Topaz Flask
- (2 empty slots to make The Traitor work)

Because majority of equippable slots on this build are occupied by Unique items and the build guuarantees 3 permanently running flasks, resistances can be filled by 3 respective resistance Flasks. If you have some resists, you could use Bismuth instead but the only other sensible base is Quicksilver (which might not reach 100% uptime).

All flasks should be bench-enchanted with Reused at the end of this Flask's effect mod.

Flask prefixes
The unique flask has quite large base duration (10.00s). Both magic flasks need a prefix mod that will help sustain them.

T2 mods:
- (ilvl: 63) Bottomless: (31–45)% increased Charge Recovery
- (ilvl: 68) Clinician's: (31–35)% increased Duration
- (ilvl: 65) Brewer's: (23–25)% reduced Charges per use
T1 mods:
- (ilvl: 83) Perpetual: (46–50)% increased Charge Recovery
- (ilvl: 84) Experimenter's: (36–40)% increased Duration
- (ilvl: 82) Chemist's: (26–28)% reduced Charges per use

Each mod has roughly the same value in regards to Flask sustain. All T1 prefixes at ~2/3 of their roll provide 100% uptime with 20% Flask quality. At higher qualities (Hillock in Research - gone in 3.24, now obtainable through Vaal Orb) even low rolls on T1 provide 100% uptime.

You can find some spreadsheet calculators made by others if you want to optimize them but I can tell you that even if PoB says flasks have ~90% uptime it is enough - you will gain additional charges while killing and even if not such Flasks last in minutes.

Flask suffixes
Here you can customize a bit but I recommend one of the following mods:
- (ilvl: 61) of Variegation: (33–36)% additional Elemental Resistances during Effect gone in 3.24
- (ilvl: 81) of the Rainbow: (37–40)% additional Elemental Resistances during Effect gone in 3.24
- (3.24) (18–20)% additional Elemental Resistances during Effect
- (any tier) (0.2-0.8)% of Spell Damage Leeched as Energy Shield during Effect
- (ilvl: 62) of the Eagle: (12–14)% increased Attack Speed during Effect
- (ilvl: 82) of the Dove: (15–17)% increased Attack Speed during Effect
- (bench-veiled) of the Order: Regenerate 3% of Life per second during Effect
- (bench-veiled) of the Order: (20–25)% reduced Mana Cost of Skills during Effect gone in 3.24

If you are unsure which mods to use I highly recommend Resistances and Attack Speed. Both mods can greatly reduce pressure on other items in the build.

To obtain Veiled Crafting Bench Flask crafts you need to Unveil Cinderswallow Urn (50% chance for any specific mod to appear).

Crafting tip: search the market for Fractured Flasks. They are relatively rare but very few buy them. Any of desired mods (prefix or suffix) is good to be fractured.

Jewels - required uniques
Brutal Restraint with Balbala (The Traitor). This one grants the passive that gives Flask charges. Put in near The Agnostic (more notables in radius) or Mind Over Matter (more small passives in radius) or Eternal Youth (if you take mana cluster for reservation - then this one reaches 2 notables).
Best Notable additional mod: 4% increased maximum Life
Best corruption: Corrupted Blood can not be inflicted on You.
Use PoB's built-in Timeless Jewel search or https://vilsol.github.io/timeless-jewels/tree to find optimal seed.

Split Personality (x2)
Best combination is +5 Strength and +5 Intelligence. If you can't afford it, swap one attribute mod to +5 life or +5 ES. They are multiple times cheaper but only slightly worse.
If you obtained 2 and they are not identical, you can swap their positions to optimize attributes and other stats (one will be few points further).

Jewels - optional uniques
Forbidden Flesh/Flame - a very expensive option but also extremely good. Best Ascendancy points are:
- Hierophant - Sanctuary of Thought (50% less Mana Cost of Skills, +25% Mana Reservation Efficiency and Gain 20% of maximum Mana as ES)
- Hierophant - Arcane Blessing (Arcane Surge + 20% more Spell Damage on it)
- Guardian - Radiant Faith (Gain 25% of Reserved Mana as Armour, Gain 10% of Reserved Mana as ES)

Emperor's Mastery - Good for its #% increased Attributes mod. Will be expensive and may not actually be worth the price as some rare base jewels can beat it by offering huge % of Crit Multi.

The Adorned - good if you can get ~130% roll and at least 4 magic jewels (an alternative to multiple 3-4 mod jewels). In such case you will likely resign from Split Personality jewels and change the tree to travel less and spend more passives on jewel sockets. Better results but significantly more items to manage and way more expensive (especially with Voices).

Watcher's Eye
The best mod: Gain (6-10)% of Maximum Mana as extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity.

Good offence mods:
- (40-60)% increased Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath
- +(20-30)% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision
- (10-15)% increased Attack Speed while affected by Precision
- Consecrated Ground you create while affected by Zealotry causes enemies to take (8-10)% increased Damage

Good defence mods:
- +(30-50)% to Chaos Resistance while affected by Purity of Elements
- Gain (20-30) Energy Shield per Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline
- (5-8)% additional Physical Damage Reduction while affected by Determination
- (8-12)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as <Element> Damage while affected by Purity of Elements
- Regenerate (1.50-2.50)% of Energy Shield per Second while affected by Discipline
- Regenerate (1.00-1.50)% of Life per second while affected by Vitality
- (1-1.5)% of Lightning Damage is Leeched as Energy Shield while affected by Wrath

Good utility mods:
- Non-Channelling Skills have -(10-5) to Total Mana Cost while affected by Clarity

Penetration mods do not work due to Inquisitor's Inevitable Judgement which ignores Resistances.

Jewels - rare
- The main purpose of Base Jewels is Crit Multi and % Life.
- The main purpose of Abyss Jewels are flat Attributes and flat Life/ES.
- The main purpose of Cluster Jewels are flat Attributes (or utility passives on the cheap 8-passive variant).

Abyss or Base jewels in the tree? Depends on what your character needs. In my case it was mixed to optimally increase both Attributes and Crit Multi. As always, use PoB.

For Cluster Jewels, there are 2 variants:
- (cheap) An 8-passive Large Cluster Jewel for Notables
- (expensive) A 12-passive Large Cluster Jewel for stacking Small Passives and combining them with increased Effect mod (no Notables)

Typically the build will use 1 or 2 Large Cluster Jewels. I haven't found any optimal setups with Medium or Small ones. There is just nothing interesting on these for this build.

Ideal Abyss Jewel mods:
- (prefix) +# to maximum Life
- (prefix) +# to maximum ES
- (suffix) +# to Strength/Intelligence/All Attributes
- (suffix) +#% to Global Crit Multi

Search for Abyss Jewels by using 2 weighted sums, e.g.:
weighted sum: min 21
- [pseudo] total to Strength
- [pseudo] total to Intelligence
weighted sum: min 50
- explicit to maximum life
- explicit to maximum ES
Avoid pseudo mods on the second weighted sum because Strength counts toward pseudo Life. This method allowed me to easily find relatively good jewels (4 T1-T3 mods) for ~50c each in 3.22.

Ideal Base Jewels mods:
- (any) Crit Multi (the best by far)
- (prefix) #% increased maximum Life
- (suffix) Resistances (needed if you don't have Resistance suffix on Flasks or use Glimpse of Chaos)

8-passive Large Cluster Jewel
- Base: Lightning Damage (best), Spell Damage or Elemental Damage.
- By far best Notable: Snowstorm (only on Lightning and Cold bases) (Gain 8% of Lightning Damage as Extra Cold Damage against Chilled Enemies). It works because Ice Spear has a built-in Cold Damage base and the build pretty much always Crits.
- Worthy of mention utility Notable: Stormdrinker (only on Lightning base) (grants Lightning damage Leech to ES).
- There are many good Damage-oriented Notables. Not listing them here as 8-passive Jewel is not a goal in this build. Find one with Snowstorm and earn for a 12-passive Attribute stacking one.

12-passive Large Cluster Jewel mods:
- Added Small Passive Skills also grant: +# to Strength/Intelligence/All Attributes/maximum Life/ES (x3)
- Added Small Passive Skills have 35% increased Effect

Charms (gone in 3.24)
Charms are a new type of items introduced in Affliction league. Only equippable for Primalist Ascendancy.

Each charm can have 1 prefix and 1 suffix; from same base class (e.g. 2x Hierophant) or from 2 attribute-adjacent classes (e.g. Hierophant + Berserker).

Useful mods for this build (max values) (from https://poedb.tw/us/Charms#CharmMods):
- (prefix "Hierophant's") 12% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills
- (prefix "Chieftain's") 8% increased Strength
- (prefix "Champion's") Banner Skills have no Reservation
- (prefix "Slayer's") Culling Strike
- (prefix "Deadeye's") Skills fire an additional Projectile
- (suffix "of the Inquisitor") 30% chance to create Consecrated Ground when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy, lasting 8 seconds
- (suffix "of the Inquisitor") +40 to Strength and Intelligence
- (suffix "of the Hierophant") Gain 5% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield
- (suffix "of the Berserker") 8% of Leech is Instant
- (suffix "of the Elementalist") Cannot take Reflected Elemental Damage
- (suffix "of the Occultist") Regenerate 3% of Energy Shield per second
- (suffix "of the Necromancer") You and nearby Allies have +20% to Elemental Resistances

Personally I find the Reservation and Instant Leech passives particulary useful as they free a lot of tree points (from Battle Rouse and Light Eater masteries).

Example search: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Affliction/8q5oyMvsV

Gems and Links
Damage - 6L Body Armour
- Cyclone
- (Awakened) Cast on Crit
- Ice Spear OR Ice Spear of Splitting
- (Awakened) Greater Multiple Projectiles (only for default Ice Spear)
- Spellblade
- (Awakened) Elemental Focus OR Increased Critical Damage OR Inspiration

Cyclone is by far the best skill for triggering CoC:
- has built-in mobility
- has built-in huge attack speed multiplier
- low mana cost
- hits multiple targets

There are numerous Spells possible to use for CoC but this build reliance on huge flat added damage from Energy Blade seeks to use a Spell that has a high Damage Effectiveness.

The build can be played with some other of new Transfigured gems but I haven't tried them:
- Firestorm of Meteors
- Arc
- Arc of Oscillating
- Arc of Surging
- Ball Lightning of Orbiting
- other suggestions (different spells): https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3451000/page/6#p25216352
- other suggestions (Lancing Steel of Spraying instead of Cyclone): https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3451000/page/7#p25233357

Ice Spear (default gem):
- shotgunning with GMP and Nimis - best single-target setup
- can be left on level 1 for low mana cost
- requires Pierce to clear

Ice Spear of Splitting (recommended):
- sacrifices ~1/4 non-Nimis damage for much better area coverage and no Pierce requirement
- needs high level to increase splits
- doesn't work well with Nimis

The last support is either damage (check in PoB which is higher: Ele Focus or Crit Multi) or utility (Inspiration, which further reduces mana cost when at quality).

I suggest to use Vorici Syndicate's Bench (1-3 white sockets) on 2G 4B Ivory Tower as rolling 3G 3B might be problematic (especially with Tailoring Orb Enchant that greatly increases required Attributes). Vorici craft has been removed in 3.24 but I still do recommend to apply White Sockets if possible through other means (Omen? Harvest?).

Core Buff - Energy Blade
- Energy Blade
- (Awakened) Enhance (additional quality)
- (optional, not recommended) (Awakened) Empower (a little bit extra flat damage)

The build-enabling skill. Changed in 3.23 to offer +5% more global ES at 20% quality (additive with base -50%). Now linking it with Enhance is very beneficial.

Utility - offence
- Sniper Mark
- Mark on Hit
- (optional) (Awakened) Enhance (typically in 4L with Energy Blade)

Sniper's Mark is simply best damage increase. Resistance reduction doesn't work with Inquisitor's Inevitable Judgement passive (ignore resistances) and Assasin's Mark is not needed because the build reaches Crit cap through attribute scaling.

Utility - defence
- Cast When Damage Taken (level - your preference)
- a Guard skil of your choice (I prefer Steelskin because it can catch Chaos damage)

Drop these entirely if you need more sockets for Auras.

Utlity - movement
Setup 1
- Flame Dash
- (optional) Arcane Surge
- (optional) Enhance

Note that since 3.21 Arcane Surge no longer grants global more Spell Damage. It is purely for Mana regeneration. You will most likely drop Flame Dash Supports in order to fit more auras.

Setup 2
- Frostblink

Compared to Flame Dash, Frostblink is always instant but does not store any extra uses (Second Wind works only for non-instant skills).

Setup 3
- Leap Slam
- Faster Attacks

I recommend this one after changing Stampede to Rare boots. With lower movement speed you will want to use a movement skill all the time.

There is no predefined link setup as the optimal one will change with various Reservation upgrades. Focus to reserve as much Life as possible (e.g. by downgrading Arrogance support) as only reserved life is scaled by Ivory Tower.

The most typical scenario will be Arrogance + 50% Aura + Clarity + Defiance Banner (10%). You will probably want an offensive Aura here (Wrath or Zealotry) as Arrogance grants +5% Aura effect at 20% quality (note: it's Aura effect: does not affect Heralds, Banners and Aspects).

At level 20, Superior Arrogance has 201% reservation multiplier which still requires a small investment into Life Reservation Efficiency in order to launch a 50% Reservation Aura on Life. The options are:
- Reservation mastery (e.g. when taking Sovereignty)
- Champion of the Cause + its adjacent small passive
- Jewel corruption implicit (2%) (Note: the (2-3)% prefix mod applies only to Mana Reservation, corruption implicit works on both)
- (Awakened) Enlighten

Must-have Skills:
- Discipline - more ES which also means more damage. Thanks to Intelligence, the build has huge % increase so any flat ES has great results - Discipline can grant even ~1000 total ES on this build which can be ~10% of final damage.
- Purity of Elements - for Resistances and Ailment Immunities. This build has no space for anti-Ailment mods on Flasks. Quality: +5% to all Elemental Resistances.

Offence - in order of power:
- Wrath (more Spell Lightning damage).
- Zealotry (slightly worse than Wrath but creates Consecrated Ground - take if you also go Zealot's Oath).
- Aspect of the Spider - A bit less than 15% more Spell Damage (we already have a source of increased Damage taken by the enemy: Augury of Penitence) and also slightly problematic to equip as 1) Aspects take suffix mods on Rare items which are rare (pun intended) in this build 2) Can't be linked with Enlighten.

Defence - in order of power:
- Determination (recommended)
- Grace (recommended)
- Flesh and Stone
- Tempest Shield

Extra reservation:
- Defiance Banner - some Armour increase and defence against enemy Critical Strikes for just 10% Reservation (with further Aura Effect when at quality)
- Clarity (mana regen) - pretty much mandatory unless you have Forbidden Flesh/Flame with Sanctuary of Thought or run Inspiration
- Vitality (ES regen with Zealot's Oath)
- Precision (only for Watcher's Eye or to fill Life Reservation as Crit and Accuracy will most likely be already capped without it)

Reservation upgrades:
- Passive Tree
- Rare jewels with 2-3% Reservation prefix mod (affects only Mana)
- Rare jewels with 2% Reservation implicit corruption mod
- (Awakened) Enlighten
- Helmet corruption implicit (local 90% Mana Multiplier, 80% if using Glimpse of Chaos)

IGN: Free_hugging
I am usually online at GMT+1 evening times.

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I'm eagerly awaiting the 3.23 update, there have been many positive changes, and some gems have been positively updated.

I played many hours with this build in the last league, it is very strong and very consistent.

Good information here, thank you for the guide. I am thinking about self cast leveling with energy blade until I have enough crit to swap to CoC.
Other Defences
The character is already immune to Elemental Ailments because it runs Purity of Elements. This leaves only 3 significant things to deal with:
- Poison
- Bleeding
- Corrupted Blood

Poison is best dealt with by having proper Chaos Resistance. There are 2 good sources of it on this build:
- Watcher's Eye modifier
- having rings with Amethyst base: +(17-23)% Chaos Resistance
Optionally, you may select Soul of Arakaali in Pantheon powers.

Corrupted Blood: unfortunately the Flask suffix mod for removing CB lessens Flask duration. This leaves the build with only 2 options:
- Having a jewel with anti-CB corruption implicit (expensive, best probably done on Brutal Restraint or some Rare one)
- Pantheon: Soul of Ralakesh (manageable if you have Zealot's Oath)

Bleeding: use Pantheon's Soul of Ralakesh which prevents character from taking extra bleed damage while moving. Having some regeneration will help aswell. Bleed damage is not reduced by Armour, but will be reduced by any other source of Physical Damage mitigation, such as Endurance Charges or Immortal Call.

Good sources of Life or ES regeneration:
- built-in ES regen mod on Ivory Tower (2%) (does not require Zealot's Oath)
- Consecrated Ground (created by Zealotry) (5%, 6.25% if you took Devotion)
- Flask syndicate mod (3%)
- Tree: Golem's Blood (1.6%)
- Tree: Sanctity (1%)

Because this build typically doesn't take Ghost Reaver (3-4 extra points needed), only ES Leech mods work. Good sources of Leech for this build:
- Spell Damage leeched as ES on the tree - small node near Eldritch Battery
- Spell Damage leeched as ES from Flask suffix modifier
- Watcher's Eye (Wrath)

Having any one of these is enough. If you are leveling and starved for other stats ignore Leech for now.

In the endgame you should have a very powerful Leech: allocate Light Eater and its mastery that makes 10% leech instant. With how frequently this build hits it will make it significantly harder to kill from non-1-shots.

Other remarks
Ivory Tower's scaling
Exactly as the mod says, the scaling happens every 100 reserved life. No rounding, no fractions. You may see sudden spikes in damage on very small gains in Strength, Life and other statistics. This is because such points hit the next reservation threshold. Even more complication: you may see a non-spike passive that IS actually a spike passive, you just need to optimize (delevel) Arrogance to hit next reservation threshold. So if you play with adding Life in PoB don't just look on the immediate effect - check if you can delevel Arrogance after it too.

So how do we deal with this? Subtracting threshold gains from spike points (e.g. by changing Arrogance's level to simulate previous threshold) is bad as this is the best scaling mod on this build - so we do want to include it in damage calculations.

Do these things:
- Compare different passives that reach the next reservation threshold.
- Don't be fooled that a small gain (like +10 str node) is that powerful. It is only because of the threshold logic. Take it, but be aware that 1) any other method that offers similar gain (e.g. using catalysts on attribute gear) is as powerful in the given moment 2) Taking more of such source (e.g. another +10 str node) won't do much until next threshold is reached.

Cooldown Management
CoC builds need to optimize their Attack Time in order to fit nicely between server ticks, otherwise the build suffers a significant loss of its damage due to game implementation details. I won't explain it in this guide, if you don't know the theory behind it find it elsewhere or read these wiki articles:
- https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Cast_On_Critical_Strike_Support
- https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Cooldown#Server_ticks

This build aims at 14% ICRS (7.57 max trigger rate). It is easily obtainable - just level Awakened CoC to 3. 52% threshold is technically possible, but you would most likely need mirror-tier/Mageblood gear to both reach it and obtain enough Attack Speed to make use of the 10.10 trigger rate cap.

Good sources of attack speed on this build:
- Uber Lab enchant: 15% Energy Blade Attack Speed (effectively 15% more - pretty much mandatory) gone in 3.23
- Gloves corruption implicit: +(8-10)%
- Base Jewel: +(3-5)%
- Flask suffix mod: +(15-17)%
- Eyes of the Greatwolf: +(12-20)%
- Watcher's Eye (Precision): +(10-15)%

Helment enchant is gone in 3.23. The optimal Attack Speed increase (MH Inc. Att. Speed in PoB Calcs box named Attack/Cast Rate) for 7.57 trigger rate cap changed from 29% to 48%.

Mana management
A non-obvious solution to mana sustain is to use level 1 Ice Spear. You lose ~6% overall damage (skill's base damage is very low compared to the added damage) but likely release multiple tree points and gear spots which can result in eventual damage increase. Note: this works only for default Ice Spear. Ice Spear of Splitting scales splits with level and should be at least level 20 for 5 splits.

Other options:
- Tree: Righteous Decree and adjacent small passives: -16% at the cost of 4 passives
- Tree: Tireless cluster: -15% at the cost of 4 passives (they also grant Life)
- Tree: Mana mastery: -10% Mana Cost
- Tree: Hinekora Shaman Tattoo: +8% Mana Regen rate
- Rings with Mana Cost mod (Elreon's prefix): -7 (-9 with Life/Mana Catalyst if you want to sacrifice Attribute Catalysts)
- Rings with % Mana Regen (suffix, ilvl 79): up to +69%
- Watcher's Eye: Non-Channelling Skills have -(10-5) to Total Mana Cost while affected by Clarity
- 21/20 Inspiration

- Ngamahu Firewalker/Arohongui Moonwarden/Valako Stormrider: +6% Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- Hinekora Storyteller: +3% Chaos Resistance
- Ramako Archer: 5% increased Accuracy
- Hinekora Shaman: +8% Mana Regen rate

How to easily cast all Auras and Buffs
- Weapon swap to unused weapons
- Assign skills on the primary skillbar or the secondary (requires to hold ctrl) that do not come from weapon or shield
- Cast them
- Weapon swap to used weapon + shield
- Assign remaining skills on the secondary skillbar
- Cast them

Now if you die you can just:
- weapon swap
- cast auras/buffs from weapon swap skillbar
- weapon swap
- cast auras/buffs from main weapon set secondary skillbar

No more skill assignments required (unless you change equipment). Also you do not need to modify primary skillbar.

Flask-based build viability
All builds enabled by specific Flasks (such as Coruscating Elixir and Olroth's Resolve (Wardloop)) are fundamentally flawed due to existence of the Torment mechanic. Thief's Grip (only Possesed, not Touched) has an effect of removing Flask Effects on Hit. This means an often, instant death with absolutely no counterplay. Any Possessed monster will kill you immediately as long as anything nearby or this monster can deal Chaos damage.

Partial solution: allocate Speaker of the Dead Atlas passvie (Torments posses players instead of monsters) (does not work outside Atlas). Elsewhere: avoid Torment mechanic as much as possible.

PoB not showing Energy Blade damage
It can happen when you import a character (either from GGG's public API or from exported build) that already has Energy Blade's pseudo-item equipped. Remove this item and equip any 1h weapon. PoB prefers to compute this pseudo-item by itself.
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I am interested in this build as well. I've always wanted to play a build with ice spear and I've used cyclone CoC builds before (spiders and with Mjolnir) which I liked.

However, I usually play only 1 build per league because after I have the atlas completed I lose interest and motivation to keep pushing unless the build is really fun. I've played Siege Ballista totems (hiero) for a few leagues and that is always solid. That seems to have received some nice buffs as well from the quality gem so I guess I could level with that and use that to farm items for this build but I fear that I will then probably stick to that :)

Are there any other starter builds to roll into this one easily? Maybe Spark or RF inquis?
You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
Fenris1970 wrote:
Good information here, thank you for the guide. I am thinking about self cast leveling with energy blade until I have enough crit to swap to CoC.

What would you self-cast then? What would be your setup? Haven't tried self-cast Battlemage so I would rather go a known route with generic Brand Hierophant first.

JohnnyV76 wrote:
Are there any other starter builds to roll into this one easily? Maybe Spark or RF inquis?

RF? I wouldn't risk it. The new RF is all about endgame scaling and has no flat damage.

Spark? Never played it. Heard it requires more currency to function but then it works really well.

I can not really recommend anything. I'm starting with brands because 1) they are proven to work 2) they somewhat align with the tree 3) they are very convenient to play, even with no investment
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The title says Ice Nova, but the build uses Ice Spear. Are they interchangeable or was the title a mistake?
good luck getting your hands on an ivory tower.
i usually only get the shit tier ilvl 15 uniques and low tier currency for the first week.
The title says Ice Nova, but the build uses Ice Spear. Are they interchangeable or was the title a mistake?

Indeed! Corrected. Too much used to Cospri Ice Nova CoC.
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Opinion on the new trans ice spear gem?

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