December Expansion Name Reveal

is it another out-of-map league? because if that's so I'll just plan a vacation and uninstall poe.

oh and, sorry guys but we're not that interested in poe 2 news. we've seen enough.
Last edited by auspexa on Nov 16, 2023, 3:28:53 PM
Seems like it'll be buggy on release. :D
Path of exile 2.23 WETA league.
ritual 6.0
New druid class confirmed.

D4 has werewolf and werebear, PoE gets werebug on top.

Werekiwi would be nice too (AKA leet form for anyone who played anarchy online).
Ty for the better leaguestart time.
Ritual + Bugs + Weta + Curses + Druid + debuffs = LOGIN NOW
my body is rdy

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