December Expansion Name Reveal

Pls - finally buff melee skills - No elemental convert - only fucking physical damage.

Hmmm, 4.0 ?
Bring back slams...
I really hate fkin
DaMasteRyu wrote:
Now I'll miss four hours of the league start. Sweet. Seems like the game inches farther and farther away for people with jobs to tend to.

The, somehow, jobless are going to love the time change.

No mention of league numbers along with mention of PoE2 has me somewhat excited though.

what a shame. How about all the years those of us in europe had to suffer with league launches at the earliest 9pm in the uk, and 11pm in eastern europe? About time we get to play a bit more before we're too shattered n need bed.
Bulwix257 wrote:
PLEASE GGG! I have one single wish for upcoming new leagues or at least the big expansions.
Announce the date 2 months in advance.
People have jobs and families and it is very hard for me to make time sometimes when the releasedate gets announced so late.
Make it a date rather later than sooner so you can keep the promise but many people will agree that given dates that people can mark far in advance in their calander will make them more happy.
Thanks for reading and considering.


someone who works in nursing and has their duty rota out yet (have to work on the release weekend T_T)

They obviously can't do that, mainly due to the nature of software development being fluid.
I hope it will be playable. I couldnt play this league. Too boring content. Fact is avarage online 15-20% lower then previous league( Crucible )
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Only want decent rework melee useless skills.
And global work on melee skills.
That's all.
Cheers !

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