3.22.2 Patch Notes

I can't even open the game anymore now... its loading the patch and then everything close.
Infinite loading screens again GGG, do something
F1ameghost wrote:
Engine Multithreading perfomace fix this year please?
Terrible loading times now. Jesus.
Added 523 more foiled Unique Item options that the Voidborn Reliquary can yield.

League is near the end, what a fail.

Also, GPU fan spins like crazy more than ever. Before it was momentary upon loading an area.

Patch 3.22.2 is BAD. Strange twist of fate...
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Well time to point out that game worked better 5 years ago.

Seriously, hire some code guys to work on it, give them time, what you have now isn't enough. Something is serially wrong with how many resources poe uses, it just gets worse and worse and worse every patch.
Resouler wrote:
Aethril wrote:
Why are load times like 10 times longer now, after downloading the patch... It was already like a second or 2 longer this league.. but its insane now!

redo shaders google it , there is a reddit guide xD

Will that fix my map stash tab too? Cause that also isn't working..
Played some more. The assets not loading in properly for the first 30-60s of every map is now a consistent thing, where before 3.22.2 it was mainly happening upon entering the Sacred Grove.
It baffles me how you issue a patch that's aimed to improve loading time and the assets load-in and then it only makes both things worse. I guess the last guy who's still coding for PoE1 was overworked so much he didn't have the time to test it properly.
After the update, when I start the game it just gives me a black screen but I can see the poe mouse cursor which I can move around and if i click certain parts of the black screen it'll open up my browser to the supporter packs. I've gone and ran an integrity check on the installed POE files but it found no faults.

Follow-up: Fixed the problem by going into my Documents\My Games\Path of Exile, and deleting the production_config.ini file. Of course all my settings in options were reset but I now can see the game etc.
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