Build of the Week Season 12 - Episode 1 - CaptainLance9’s Rakiata’s Dance Spectral Throw Guardian

Will there be any build of the week for ruthless sometimes in the future ? ( not counting poe 2 which is ruthless 2.0 )
Missed the chance to quote an internet meme (South Park[1]) @ 0:35


Step 1: take big sword

Step 2: take the problem-solving skills of path of exile players

Step 3: ...

Step 4: profit.

Or in this case, get featured in Build of the week, Season 12.

Wow! that was very interesting watch for me as a new player, really opened my eyes as to what is possible with just good itemization and use of the new mechanics.
I didn't know BUILD OF THE WEEK is back! Awesome!
TwentyFiveEX wrote:
And for any elemental damage build, there's a mastery without the downsides (procs pretty often!).

Well you lose all your dmg 75% of the time, looks like a pretty big downside
Only thing I found surprising was Bastion of Hope working on a 2h.

That shouldn't be a thing, should it? I mean, literally no one plays Guardian so it coulda been that way in 3.2 and no one would have noticed. =D

Poor Dual Wielding man...
"Never trust floating women." -Officer Kirac
Not Bad. GG

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