3.22.1 Hotfix 2

me at rank 250+ everything that can touch me insta kills me, awesome work guys, may as well play darksouls game at lest in them we have dodge.

yet another mechanic ignoring builds, and the massive defence redo you guys did a while back, what was the point if your just gonna ignore it in mechanics.
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Specter, Raise Zombie.
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after update i cant play at all

it keep crashing. All i can is only in the select character screen.

cant i'm not even see my character in town.

pls help
nukage wrote:
Why aren't loading times and performance getting fixed?

Because they either don't care or can't fix it.

The fact that there was no official post like in the past where something was very bad with some explanation and plans says a lot. I remember when they made proper posts about similar problems. Bot not anymore.

It also might be that they can't fix it. They dug such a deep hole for themselves after that damned engine patch that they literally don't know how to get out of it.

Anyways, not holding my breath for many and/or significant performance improvements anymore. Doesn't seem it's worth to wait.
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The thread with "LIVE" updates has been removed from announcements sticky. That usually means the league is done getting big or any changes except keep things running without too many errors in their eyes..

The performance wont change for the next who knows how many months maybe until next year at this rate since they are doing 3+ month leagues now..

Maintenance mode indeed...
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All I ask is a heads up that, "yeah, we know that there are issues and we are working on it". Right now I can't play the game (I can log in but can not enter a map without instant disconnects) and if there will be no real performance updates in the upcoming days I'll just simply uninstall. Right now PoE is a waste of storage space.
No need performances fixes when they ask us to build little hideout. Games is now about put some Tables and Chairs and look at your FPS drop each time you put a new object went from ARPG to Town Building.
are they going to fix the issue? i cant play for more then 10 mins, poe just eats all ram and all cpu
What happened with the "communication" like back in Kalandra league? Performance is absolutely disgusting, can't play the game without FPS dropping to 15 or less.
Fix the performance. I get down to 5 fps when doing harvest, expedition or a influence mob spawns.

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