3.22.1 Hotfix 2

After playing hundreds of trials (I've gone from level 95 to 98.2 just playing trials) these are the things I've seen fail.

The AI of the player's units (not the boss's ones) have MANY flaws, here are some examples :

- My 4 totems (2 flankers 1 attacker 1 defender) vs 2 totems (hineckora horns escort + death guide defender) they boss and me were dead, lost couse my flankers and attackers are going to deaths guide totem ignoring the hineckora one

- Other match lost same as the above (also me and boss dead), this time with 5 totems vs a death guide defender and a flanker instead of an escort

- Other one lost because the lunar turtles are passing my field masters barriers like they not exist

- Several matches lost because the enemy has a combination of 6+ spear dances plus storm conduits, I don't mind dead several times in a match but when that combination comes into match simply you can play, as soon as you revive you are one shooted, they are not a problem if raise in defending positions but if they appear in any other one the match is a nightmare, at the ends yours units could win the match (if you had lucky with previous favors) but only can watch the match like is a Youtube gameplay.

- Several matches loss couse my flankers does not ignore enemys and behave totally like defenders or simply get afk in base, was particularly obvious in several matches with ALL dead except his boss with my 4 flankers alive, when a match goes like that I always stay at boss totem only to see what happen, simply the flankers nor attackers does not go for totems after several re-spawns

- Several matches lost couse my flankers AI stop capturing totems without no enemys near him only to go to another totem or worse they stop only to do some stupid action, this happens A LOT wiht field masters

Other issues are :

- The cost of high level units is simply absurd I have reached rank 2000 and still haven't used most of the big units, they are not affordable if you want to fill 16 spots or even with only 12 spots filled

- The titanic shell in escort position behind the enemy boss is a lost match you cant win that match with a regular build with that shell covering 9 totems (boss one, 4 escorts, 2 defenders and 2 flankers) including himself, in that matches I miss could be able to click forfeit button without waiting to they get my totem

- A lot of deaths couse Maata AoE attack kills me BEFORE the telegraphed circle appears, I hear his voice line I move and Im dead, 0.5 SECONDS AFTER my death the first circle warning the attack and the attack come in normal sequence

- A match of more than 5 minutes couse a bloodhound warrior with recover totem life (only enemy totem in left in match) my 4 attackers plus 4 flankers plus two escorts could not kill the totem

- Titanic shell in flanker position, if you have bad luck with your favour to get very strong attacking and flankers units (both of them) the match is lost for sure, is simply not possible to stop him gathering all your totems

- The ninja nerf done to rewards has been too much, since 0 to 1500 I got about (20 raw divines) plus 2 lucky drops of the omen that reveals next currency applied (35 divines *2) in total more or less 100 divines, since patch 3.22 all the way from 1500 to 2000 only get 3 raw divines (and a 3 stack in lost match) in total 6.

Things that should be in a mechanic like this and are not:

- The objects to improve the units should say more clearly what they do and especially how they do it

- The characteristics of the units should be clear in some way, HP, resistances, speed, damage, abilities, cooldowns, etc. It is very difficult to know which units are better than others, for example the tuataras are better escorts than any other unit in game, is not clear why but (in my own experience after so many matches) is the only unit that really follows you no matter how fast you travel around the arena, the other ones always delay till get you or ever worse does not follow you, the same goes for other unit in other positions and abilities.

- The legend that appears in the icon on which you leave the mouse to see how much favor you have with each tribe should be next to the match selection to have at a glance what you have and what you will get in each match

As an advice to players that want to play TOTA without a multi mirror or a specialized build till 2000 rating, you simply can't rely on defenses (armour and resistances) you are gonna be one shooted no matter what you have so go for evasion, dodge and avoidance, don't try to kill mobs simply crowd control they, I play with almost no damage but have a totem build with temp chains plus a lot chill and freeze, I play totem EA in maps the only thing I do is change skills in TOTA and i'm doing 2000 matches without too much suffering

Please fix at least some player's units AI, and above all PLEASE raise a little the rewards again if we have to win hundreds of matches with 1500+ rating to get 6 divines it's just not worth it.

All in all I love the mechanic, leaving apart that issues, for me is fun and doable.
cibelina wrote:


GGG: hmm, thorough feedback, we should make tota creatures immune to freeze and knockback, so "they are now mean killing machines" :)
They are already down to 77k players... This league will be very sad if they keep doing nothing.
Echothesis wrote:
cibelina wrote:


GGG: hmm, thorough feedback, we should make tota creatures immune to freeze and knockback, so "they are now mean killing machines" :)

:) In fact with buffs and auras most of then are yet immune to freeze, luckily enough they are not so immune to chill (yet), for example you can apply a 15% chills in most bosses only changing skills and no invest.
what I find sad about the tournament is that despite my 100 million dps I can't continue because the bosses kill us at 2km and the smallest mob one shot us, it's a shame I like the league

timousse56 wrote:
what I find sad about the tournament is that despite my 100 million dps I can't continue because the bosses kill us at 2km and the smallest mob one shot us, it's a shame I like the league

im in rank 1085
Illusmare wrote:
LennyGhoul wrote:
Just about the time I got the game working good again you guys put out another patch and fucked it all up. Now I'm CTD every few minutes again.

Got same problem. I can play for few mins before game crashes to desktop. Some seem to have this problem in TOTA or maps but I'm in act 1 and can't even get to brutus before i crash out. 2 days ago I had no issues..

I've not been there. I am at there.
I noticed game is crashing a lot when I enter Prison. I can't even reach to Brutus...
Hope they can fix it asap...
Why aren't loading times and performance getting fixed?
cus they dont care
Could you maybe tell us which hardware you would recommend to be able to play POE smoothly on max settings?

I have:
Geforce GTX1080

Currently I am playing the game with minimum settings and yet my graphics card is reaching its limits and the game feels jerky.

I would like to know regarding the purchase of new hardware what would be required for a clean gaming experience (without having to limit myself in the graphics settings, preferably I already know this in terms of POE 2. Yes you can hold back the info of course and let us play a guessing game but it would be much more pleasant now not to suddenly acquire too bad hardware or to spend financially without it would be required for the game. - (The currently in Steam mentioned recommended hardware conditions are in no case current or correct!)

Getting a new ryzen 5 5600 soon, not the fanciest but really hope it impacts things.

Just a few leagues ago I was getting like 90 fps in low juice maps, like 40 with triple beyond 100% deli and HH... now I can't even use a HH fps too low to function.

old ass 1060 6gb GPU is next on the upgrade list. The old warhorse held it down for years but it's giving up the ghost.

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