3.22.1 Hotfix

When instead of actually fixing a problem (or just disabling the things that are causing the problem, if fixing it turns out to be too difficult) you choose to use improvised workarounds and prayers instead, you create new problems. New problems that don't even need the original problem to be around to arise. Wouldn't be surprised if this results in flanker AI getting stuck fighting enemies instead of flanking unprotected totems a lot more often - there are already reports pointing toward this.

So, yeah. Just disable the goddamn turtle while you don't figure out how to actually fix it, and do not lie to players again about this completely buggy behaviour being intended all along. Everyone knows what's going on.
please make the blackbark use its totem cleansing skill on the totems protected by the titanic shell. right now all it does is attack the titanic shell instead of using its skill
AT_Blitzy wrote:
please make the blackbark use its totem cleansing skill on the totems protected by the titanic shell. right now all it does is attack the titanic shell instead of using its skill

Do your warriors really attack the titanic shell? Would already be really good. Yesterday they just stand afk in base, not defending, not attacking the turtle while the shields were up.
If this patch really managed that they attack that thing i'm happy.

Guess I will see when I'm home.
You guys are going to band-aid fix this problem until you finally listen to the community and disallow Titanic Shell from making its own totem immortal. Yet another awful attempt.
performance fix when?
Please make AI of flanker and attacker units go straight to the titanic shell if there are not totems unprotected, right now they wander around attacking everything except the turtle or worse (in case of flankers) they stay afk in base.

BTW, Have you buffed the titanic shell, yesterday I played a match with ONE titanic shell protecting 8 totems, idk if is a bug or is intended but is the first time i shaw that, was protecting 4 scorts, 2 defenders and 2 flankers being in the scort position behind the boss totem.

It would be not a problem if the AI of our units were smart enough to nuke the titanic shell first, but right now is impossible to win a match like that without a multi-billion dps build.

PD: I like TOTA, is awesome :)
Shader crashes still happen can't even level up random crashes all the time.
Hello guys.
Pferdejens wrote:
League Mechanic is fine, people are just having skill issues

From the looks of it, this whole wannabe-tactical-minigame sort of looks like a rigged game of chess. The kind of rigged where one side only gets four bishops, three pawns and a king.

Care for a chess match with me along those lines, Jens? Yes, you get the rigged side. But also first move! Hah!! - here, have some 'Rrrriginal Balancing, GGG style!

And if you lose - well I'll just call it a 'skill issue' then, shall I?


seriously - the whole league mechanic looks like something that should not have left alpha in this state... if it were a board game. Sheesh.
After patch whenever you continue to hit enemy chieftain for some time everything will slow down and lantacy will suddenly sky rocket after you kill them and everything zoom. this only happened after patch. is this intended? or did something broke. this has already cost me divine and multiple matches.
Can you please "fix" navali only offering you one warrior when you lose your first match? you get 500 favour but can only spend 250 with a worse chance for your next round...

and while we're at it, Tawhanuku standing off-screen, not announcing her death from above skill, one shotting you with it?
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