3.22.1 Hotfix

3.22.1 Hotfix

  • Improved the behaviour of Trial of the Ancestors Warriors that are Attacking or Flanking, so they target enemies better when no totems are targetable.

This change applies to instances created after this hotfix was deployed. New instances of the Halls of the Dead can be created by Ctrl+Clicking on the World Map Pin.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Last bumped on Sep 7, 2023, 7:07:34 PM
Would you pls give us more info on what exactly you changed?
You only mention flanker and attackers, what about escort?

If there is an titanic shell on the map and it casted the shield on the totems, everything should go nut's on the titanic shell. If they are now attacking other enemies, it's not a change at all. (Before they just stand afk in the base, when the shield was up)
If they now attack everything als but the shell, it's even worse, cause then the full enemy team is around the turtle after they died... :/
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Great now can you revert the buffs you gave the monsters. Getting one shot from off screen constantly isn't fun.
ToTA Bad
Majority are not enjoying this league. The time to rewards ratio are bad. One shots are bad. Thanks.
League Mechanic is fine, people are just having skill issues
Skill issue meaning not having a 3 mirror build to just off screen delete monsters the only ones enjoying the league are a small number of people that meet that criteria
Friendly reminder... GGG does not want this game to be easy. Game's designed to have a certain, non-zero amount of QoL pain points that they know won't be severe enough to seriously impede their player counts. Rinse/Repeat of 'release content with limited testing, and spend a month tuning it before giving up in favor of the next barely-tested content'.

Remember, ToTA has had one of the longest cook times of -any- league in the past three years, and they didn't think to include a Forfeit button. Then they add one, but instead of being immediately available, you have to already be past a point of no return to even qualify to press it... When you knew far sooner that itwas a losing match.

[Removed by Support]
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Please remove the unfair Advantage of TOTA Enemy Teams!

Why are they allowed to start with all sorts of equipment?

Why do they get the best units even if they lost their first Match?

Why is Tawhanuku starting her First match with 2-4 Totems that got double Life because of her unfair Advantage in the Units she got?

Why was Kahutuora buffed, if he was already the most dangerous Enemy with the smartest and best AI? He constantly Shreds my totem, I cant go near him, his almost screenwide AOE constantly 1 shots anyways! On top of that, his Titanic Shells are icing on the crapcake...
Give back taunt.

What's the point of Jade Warriors having a specific taunt resistance passive ability, if you make all Warriors taunt resistant.

Redundancy at it's peak.

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