3.22.1 Patch Notes

First patch ever that's deleted HC characters? Nice.
So... How do we see the new tattoos. That's pretty much all I care about. I don't know what everyone else crying about. Tattoos in a FREE game. I like it.
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Not doing the League Mechanic anyways as its not my style,
buts its good to see changes to the Load Times.
titanic turtle still protecting its own totem after this patch
no mention of titanic shell getting stuck in escort totems and unable to destroy his totem?
BeefiestBoi wrote:
titanic turtle still protecting its own totem after this patch

i think they went full afk mode with the patch
reddit users must've liked all the bullfart mechanics and oneshots,

they should allready abandon this forum for good and go to reddit fulltime
cus they dont read anything here ...
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Mentoya wrote:
I agree with 90% of the other players here, forfeit button is totally useless as other than sometimes save a few seconds, it still doesn't give players the option of de-ranking....We waited 2 weeks for this???? Guess I won't play the league mechanic just like 90% of other players. Man, you screwed yourself big time with this patch. Way to go!

There's also another scenario that I think was supposed to be fixed (but still happens) where the forfeit button would work: when you're endlessly being prevented from resurrecting by a Consuming Kunekune. I've had to wait over 10 minutes for a match to end after the supposed fix because my friendly NPCs refuse to stop them.

Aside from that, Goliaths and a bunch of other enemies that bypass physical mitigation really need a damage pass. I'm currently almost 700 rating, and if I use an ability that causes my character to pause near any enemy that can bypass my defenses, instant death. Quite often I'll instantly die upon resurrection with such enemies around. The sad part is that this one-shotting was happening around 300 rating, despite my build being heavily invest into defense over damage output.

Getting one-shot off-screen is not fun at all. Heck, the casters being able to hit me off-screen when channeling totems is also annoying, but I'd rather the one-shot issues be fixed.

I'm happy the large HP+energy shield issue with certain enemies was fixed, they were tankier and harder to kill than the chieftains in some cases.

Other than that, I haven't been able to nail down the exact conditions, but I've noticed after a previous hotfix that applying DoT doesn't stop/stun enemies channeling my totems (my friendly NPCs will get stunned from DoT, especially the Death totems), or they'll just not get stunned even from impact damage in some cases (but this is rarer). I've lost track of how many times I've lost a match because the enemies suddenly seem immune to being stunned while channeling my totems.

I do really like the league mechanic, there's just some issues that still need ironed out.
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Thraktor wrote:
wait but there's no fix for the titanic shell bug?

Yeah. It still protects it's own totem.

Improved the behaviour of Chieftains when a player isn't in range of them, they are now mean killing machines.

Yeah , cant wait for Kahuturoa's empowered attacks to oneshot me through the 4th wall ,as they do ingame;)

Masterpiece of 3.16 lore
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Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
My imagination that what was going to happen is far from what is actually available, scaling still is unbelievable I just watched a single enemy solo my whole attack and flank line and require me to kite him around until his AI broke.

past rank 500 none of your warriors will match or compete with theirs in combat no matter what item they have, you wont survive a single hit from anything past a T1 enemy.

I had hoped that QoL was going to be ctrl-click the BLUE icon to bring up a table of things to buy, but no you still need to run around talking to everything to buy something.

The forfeit button was a waste of programmer time, we just log and it's faster when we want to lose or rank down.

The death timer was the best thing here, I can now see how long it takes for me to respawn into a instant kill.

Stun effect is still insanely long, buggy since you can sometimes teleport when stunned and act... then rubber band into an arena edge.

Since tattoo's don't have tiers, trading up doesn't happen...ramako's tattoo's might have a sudden spike in value for garbage trading for a chance at the +1 proj though.

Seriously, who thinks having things that require uber dps parity to be able to kill what is trash mobs let alone the boss was a good idea, they need retraining.

Also, why does the death prophet aura stun your warriors but is unaffected if it's their attackers...
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Performance is worse than on previous hotfix for me.


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