3.22.1 Patch Notes

Beachhead map gives just 1 boss :/

https://github.com/ment2008/POE/releases - My Loot Filter
Patch?haha usseles TOTA is unplay able now good work only 1 point is good timer of death titan shell is same whem i take dmg in chaneling totem have stun 5s when oponent chaneling totem i cant interrupt many wariors or interrupt for 0,0001 GG
Next step would be to make the AG respawnable, since it's not playable is this mechanic anyway
Auras supported by Guardian's Blessing Support now persist after changing area.

Could you make it so that the minion dying doesn't turn the aura off, just disables its effect, please? As it is, that support is just a clunkier Divine Blessing, that turns off not when a known timer expires, but instead at an unpredictable time mid battle when a minion dies. Also when it is turned off on minion death you have to cast 2 skills to turn the aura back on, instead of 1. So kinda a worse Divine Blessing in every way. Please address this, what a silly way to implement a decent idea.

Allocated Crucible Passives on items are now considered when filtering by stats on the trade website.

Hmm. This seems a little Way Too Late. Nevertheless, thank you, That One Trade Guy, it can't be easy being you, 4 months too late is certainly better than never.
Cool update. That Goliath of Night is still nasty. Even a whiff of a swing one-shots you. XD
Still crashing constantly no matter what I do.. didn't have this problem even minutes before patch, or any day leading up to it
So... What about optimization? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Loading screens no longer wait to finish loading the visual effects of other characters before you load into the area.

Ok, but why did engine with the old particle system not require this change to function faster? As far as I remember everyone's mtx were always already loaded when I warped into rogue harbor and loading screens were noticeably faster than now.

Meaning it still looks like bandaid fix while many players would appreciate playing with old engine version instead. So far I don't see any breathtaking new vfx worth all this trouble on our side, including reproducible global flickering.
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Fix the performance. I get down to under 10 fps when doing harvest or expedition and then I die.

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