Trial of the Ancestors Chieftain Concept Art

How about some of these sets to replace the current challenge reward set.

Any news about mystery box? What is happeming with them.
Awesome Arts !
Do you have the concept arts of the mystery boxes by chance ?
The art is fantastic as usual but Kahuturoa needs some serious rebalancing.
Good artwork! love most of them!
League is ending and still no mystery box
lemoncl wrote:
supporter packs have nothing to do with these ancestors contents
hope we can get sth such as these art

wich is sad, ever since they started this "gimmicky" focus on mtx they stop making themed sets based on the league, even the boxes suffered from this, the 2 boxes before the crucible one didn't even had a full set, just random pieces that didn't fit with each other, why would i want ghostly gloves that don't fit with literaly any mtx from the box or store?why would i wan't a ferrofluid body armour that don't fit with literaly anything else? where are the gloves, boots and helmet to match this set?
Best league by far!
lol, I am taking a break from this game until the boxes drop.
Great work
Hinekora (last model showcase) was also a life-size sculpture at Exilecon 2023.

When did GGG start work at TOTA?

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