Trial of the Ancestors Content Update - New Tattoos

TramVai wrote:
'Grants a random keystone' tattoo is way too much power

Probably it will be rare (read: expensive) and like "Skin of the Lords" 95% of the keystones will be garbage/breaking your build.
since the defense AI is a bit dumb, could you guys remove the "stop ressing" system from banishing the player totem? They can spam "click" on our totem and we most like will get forever (or never) to revive, the defense on most situation don't stop that from happens and even if they do the enemy don't get the 4/5sec stun like we get... most of situation even when we are trying defend our totem they can still spam "click" at it and is pretty much useless because of the 1HK situation
Alipoe wrote:

have you seen the requirements?
performance update when?
When are the performance changes coming?
No performance boosts?
I don't know why I have forum access, even.

PM's through this site, or emails, will not be answered.
still No Rrevive Timer.................
I like you are bring new stuff to the content mid league but Honestly you need to work on the Lag Crashes and the pure imbalance of the league just 1 shotting you and your crew.

I have been having sever lag and crashing since league launch and that's going on 2 weeks now its pretty much unplayable.
I hope GGG will, to some extend, adress rather poor loot from final rewards. I'm not asking for "give me the best stuff every time!" but.. getting a gem every second/third final reward feels... eh.

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