Gamescom Interviews with Chris and Jonathan

sure would be cool if you stopped being intentionally obstinate about the mystery boxes.
The Mystery of the Mystery Boxes
Mystery Box
The new mystery boxes are pretty sick :)
The interviews would be improved if Jonathan spoke a bit slower. Some of us don't her as well as we used to.

the questions were to the point and needed. Other than a few obvious side steps (melee), the answers were helpful.

I'm disappointed that they have not shown any melee skills that are similar to cleave, Double strike, Heavy strike, etc.; all the hit them with an axe or sword stuff.

If the key action to survive combat is always to roll away, I will be both disappointed and bored.
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Mystery box?
They can't release the mystery boxes without tuning down the league mechanic and hopefully fixing some of our Exile pals who have lower PC specs. That would cause a small uproar that isn't needed.

GL to the devs working on the performance patches.

I would love a way to reduce bloom further. It's too bright. I have resorted to making my monitor darker which makes everything dark.
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