While at Gamescom, Managing Director Chris Wilson and Game Director Jonathan Rogers got the chance to participate in a couple of interviews to talk about Path of Exile 2. Check them out below!

Interview with IGN

Interview with Lowepe

In case you missed it, check out the Druid gameplay walkthrough that was showcased at Gamescom!

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Where boxes?
i get that you're short staffing poe1 in order to finish poe2 as fast as possible but it has been 2 weeks since the leaguestart and you guys have released 1(ONE) new mtx, how are you guys making money if on a literal new league where you allways get the most amount of players you don't release new mtx for people to be interested in buying more packs/points??

also, bring back themed mistery boxes, the gimmicky effects are cool and all but is geting annoying, it's allways random effects that are disconected from the box theme now, thanfully the last box had a full set, but the previous 2 had a bunch of random armourpieces that didn't fit with each other even if you got the same colors, please, prety please, put new skill effects on the boxes again
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beta now please ;)
i really like the new mystery box :)
Mystery box when?
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Good stuff!
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Sure enough.
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DieAbolicaL wrote:
beta now please ;)

You're in the beta right now. Play the league mechanic. The Trial is 100% the character models, skills and mechanics.
Eat your vegetables.
What I really love about poe and poe2 is the free part.
But how a whole team of dev can be paid while making a free game ?
by selling MYSTERY BOXES of course !! where are they ???

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