3.22.0b Hotfix 4

I feel like load times got a little bit better but they're still kinda meh compared to previous league

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crashing all the time. sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes before even logging in. your "fix" made the game literally unplayable.
am i the only one experiencing this problem 'Disconnected
Failed to connect to instance' after this hotfix patch?
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This hotfix appears to have fixed all my issues.

I can now use DX12 instead of being forced to use Vulcan which had tons of missing meshes for effects/monsters.

Win11 1240p IrisXe 32GB
I complete a heist contract faster than I load to the rogue harbour. It is not seems ok at all. Is this problem about to be solved?
Please make the rogue harbour solo location, it takes too much time to load all of the player's mtx.
At this point they should create a way to load all mtx's into the cached shaders so that they don't bork load times. Would take a bit of programming.

Or... Hear me out....

fix the engine, its so poorly optimized its not even funny. If they can't make the engine work the the recommended specs, lower the monster density, particles, whatever. If they don't want to do that, hire more technical people. It is getting embarrassing at this point.
Just a friendly reminder that your game still performs like a clogged toilet.
m0123n wrote:
Just a friendly reminder that your game still performs like a clogged toilet.

'It works fine for me' like any IT guy would say :D
Really enjoyed the game started playing since kalandra but created the acct years ago and stopped playing. But after the engine change everything went south before the engine my performance with the game was fantastic no lag except when doing juiced contents ofc, but after this month/start of league update of engine I can't even go to my Hideout it keeps crashing if I even did! after entering the map BOOM 1 FPS WITH 2k MS CPU WHICH DIN'T HAPPENED LAST LEAGUE PLS FIX T_T

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