3.22.0b Hotfix 4

NIKOvbn wrote:
The hidden paths in delve thing should have stayed, actually a useful feature.
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This is cool and all, but what about those of us who lose Animate Guardian anytime we die because minions disappear then are supposed to reappear when we res, but don't??

League mechanic is entirely unplayable unless we wanna risk losing several divines over a bug.
PLEASE for the love of all that is holy revert the engine "update"! I can't play the game anymore since this hotfix... I get constant stuttering!
new performance patch when?
The peformance is still not comparable to before the engine "update", causing quite a few players to be unable to play. Titanic shell still not hotfixed, among other glaring tota issues. Is this what maintenance mode in poe terms looks like?
idk, kinda weird how the performance is right now. Definetly needs more fixing..
After this update, my game got FPS capped at 45 in Dx12.
Already in Dx11 there is a lot of stutter, open a harvest and the game is in slow motion.
With vulkan it's the same as Dx12.

My PC:
i5 13600k
32gb Ram
Rtx 2070

Never had a problem, but after this update on the 28th, it's impossible to play.
mafiapl wrote:

Lel, what a nub you were. You fell for their promises that everything gonna be fine after Tencent bought GGG. You only have yourself to blame for not learning from experiences of others. But, is ok, you now no nub.

Yeah buddy, I been here long before they sold to TC, so I am no nub. If anyone is a nub, you are, go troll someone else.

If you want to fight and argue with me due to my posts, more power to you, but when you insult someone, be prepared to get insulted right back.

I would also mention, the way you write, makes my eyes bleed. You have a good day, make sure to report my post because I made you cry....boohoo.
let me fix this: titanic shell will get some changes some time, until then we reduce the chance sunset sages will spawn for you so you can suffer a little longer, also kuhuturoa is ttoally balanced and we will keep the instant one shot earthquakes in the game. spear dancers will also jump on your ass from off screen so you have to time to react, this is working as intended. [insert more bullshit here]
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thanks <3

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