3.22.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

RIP Impending Doom, the most fun build I played. :/
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Anything soon on league mobs being overtuned (golaiths and the storm conduits being the big offenders)?

Also is there a min level for sanctums? Aint seen none beyond the tutorial one.

Anything on lowering rank to be reasonable without throwing a whole bunch?
One cannot help but wonder how such a lust for loot can affect a persons mind. Although these exiles appear to be our salvation, it would not take much for them to turn on us as easily as they fight gods and demons.
the game was running perfect in 3.21 now its totally unplalyable ive tried all methods to try run the game but nothing improves ,i was looking forward to finally trying out Sanctum ( ,GGG any fixes coming
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Mark_GGG wrote:
mdkl9399 wrote:
Vixen's was not fixed, and it will not be fixed, since it's working as it should be.

It was stated that how Vixen's worked last 3 years, it was due to bugg.

The relevant part of the patch notes regarding the spell cascade interaction says this:
We have reinstated the old behaviour only for Curses for the remainder of the Ancestor League, but this incorrect behaviour will be fixed in the 3.23.0 patch.

I have also clarified my post earlier in the thread to make it explicitly clear, this patch reintroduces the bug so that spell cascade will again fail to see +radius modifiers on curses and thus not space them out as much, like before the patch. This behaviour was not intended, but it is being changed back to work that way for this league. The fix will be applied in 3.23.0.

Do you plan to buff the Impending Doom gem at least? Because apart from this unintended interaction the gem wasn't used by anyone as the damage is abysmal...
Still no word about performance, which was killed by the so called graphic patch, which changed nothing but made the game worse?
Reduced the damage dealt to Minions for some Warrior Skills, particularly on those that Minions can't reasonably avoid.

Was happy when i saw this.
Returned to league mech.
After a few tournaments my 60k life ag died again.
We have reinstated the old behaviour only for Curses for the remainder of the Ancestor League, but this incorrect behaviour will be fixed in the 3.23.0 patch.
Please reconsider keeping the behavior they very interesting builds both from the standpoint of how it works but also how it plays. This change will basically kill the build both functionally and on damage 2 buttons to deal damage builds feel awful especially when they do basically no damage.
i also noticed, that poe uses only 1.5 vram. Is it normal? i think it should use more
This patch killed what performance was left, now its just a lagfest.
No adjustments for rewards for ToTA?

Even above 400+ ranking rewards are mega garbo and a lot of units are Uber tanky and/or deal excessive damage, even for multiDiv char builds...

Stun takes 9999999 years and no way to mitigate or negate it...

Units do not have a revive timer...

The tournament screen with the opponents should also show your current Favor for the tribes, to more readily be able to calculate what you'd go for in terms of reward/favor to choose matches

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