As the Trial of the Ancestors commenced over the weekend, some exiles came dressed to impress with cosplays! Check out some of the highlights in today's post!

For updates on issues relating to the launch of Trial of the Ancestors, visit the Live Updates thread here. We're also continuing to answer questions from the community in our Recently Asked Questions thread, which you can find here.

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Grinding Gear Games
These all looks amazing! Divinia is the top top tier of all
IGN: JerleSanctum
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Ripped 760pdps +2arrow bow 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
3.21 Waiting Room (No more?) - Why does Ruthless have exclusive league challenge rewards???
albatrox18 was the god of cosplay this league !!!!
I guess it's either 1 or 48,000. Nothing in between, right?
So Sick nice job everyone!
and this is my favorite highlight, it shows the meaning of the test of ancestors very well
Cassia cosplay is nutty. Wheres Quin69 tho?

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