3.22.0 Hotfix 6

Hey guys, some maps are not giving map completion, mine was geode. Map was rare and vaaled.
I started the league with a pathfinder Impending doom and yesterday i bought the vixen for 95 chaos now they are worth 30.
18 hours of uninterrupted farming to find out that either there is a bug or the mechanics were changed and it was not announced.
Being home sick to an accident, poe is the only thing keeping my mind off.

What do we do about it?
wait for the fix, how long do we wait?
Was it an intentional change without notice?

More than a day has passed and we still don't know anything about something that is very easy to verify.

Please we need news.
Fix ur game damnit
DumplingFairy wrote:
GooDLike79PL wrote:
Game performance not fixed, MacOS still crashing.
Im can't end act1 game crash if using attack skill.
Shaders load every time when go to the same map in campaign.

I think no one from GGG not reads this forum, and players problems.
This forum not working. 5 weeks people report problems and they did nothing.

You can complain but no one from GGG reads anyway.
They prepared the new league in such a way that less than 2 days have passed and there are already 6 hotfixes.

The most important was exilecon, and bragging about poe2 and making players beta testers of the new engine.

MacOSX - Steam
Its normal to have more hotfixes 10-20 should be OK. Its not easy work on this complex game. I am sorry for your problems on Mac, almost everything on Windows seems to be ok. Maybe its time for buying normal pc :). Macs are not for playing games. Thats my opinion. And staff is reacting well on these posts, they dont write back, they fix things - thats their work. You can complain, but this will remain to be the best ARPG game anyway. Without competition. Blizzard tried, blizzard failed. Maybe last Epoch will rise next to PoE, who knows.

everything is not fine
Still no Vixen's Entrapment fix...wtf is going on? Why they fucked so many players up with prio this so low...holy crap
I don't remember a league in which there were so many hotfixes within 60 hours, it shows how unfinished and not tested it is, putting aside death patch.
three days to correct an error in a glove/gem, I doubt that anything will be fixed, possibly it was a change without notice and they will not verify it.

Vixen/spell cascade death

It would be wise for all changes to be announced in the new league patch, for the health of your game.

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