Constant crashing in towns since 3.22 update

Same, after 3.22 launch was still fine, but became crash-city after the first few updates (not sure which)
My Youtube channel guide:
My game freezes and crashes after a few minutes every time I go to a town. It just started today, 8/28/23.

rtx 3080
32 GB

This is 10000% on GGG, game runs fine last league, this league its constant freezes, lag, long loading screens, crashes. It's unbelievable.
Same issue also with straight up freeze of screen till task manage away > restart
i'm using ryzen also, and so many people using ryzen also get this crash
Same here. This things happens to me since begining of the league and are far worst since the last patch. Like 1 crashes by map minimum.

It's unplayable.

I'm on intel 9900K paired with a RTX 3080.
I try all the following and nothing change :
* All render mods.
* Repair game.
* Steam and standalone client.
* Clear cache.
* Reset config.
* Reinstal game.
* Verify game files.
Same issue here, crash in the thieves hideout every 10 friggen minutes and occasionally in town, usually happens when i'm selling something or opening my stash. Please for the love of god fix this. Super annoying. Wasn't an issue before 3.22... what did you guys break? @.@
Not only does it keep happening all the time, sometimes you just can't log back in. Also, Heist is unplayable.

Clearly related to towns.
My crashing just started today. It crashes 4-5 times per map. I tried everything so I said screw it and reinstalled windows. I made it 30s into the first map and what do you know crashed again.... :(
I just lose 3 div tattoo cause crash. im really pissed off!

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