Constant crashing in towns since 3.22 update

Me too, crashes increased since saturday, actually had 0 crashes on friday, feels like some patch is causing this?

crashing usually in maps/loading screens
Same here on Radeon 7900XTX 24GB and 13900KF, 32RAM 6000HZ
Same here. Doesnt matter if i´m hideout, town, halls of the dead (though it happends in every other tournament more often than it does in maps, whichs kind of sucks if you lose altough the game just closes).

Intel i9 13900KF, RTX3080, Z790 Lightning PG, 1000W PSU 32GB DDR5 RAM.

No Fancy 3rd party programms running, no nothing. Vanilla install

Edit: Windows 11 64bit
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Same problem, RTX 2060 Super Ryzen r5 3600 16 GB ddr4 Windows 10 64bit.
Those chrashes are so wierd. First I played last league without a single crash (from 1st of july), then somewhere at the end of that league or start at this I suddenly had one crash a while - not much so - but I was surprised. Did I start Diablo 4 by mistake ?

But Shadow and GI was power consuming - and read someone else had it that way so I changed from Ultra to High. Then suddenly the crashes became more frequent. At least ten to fiftheen and it was quite annoying. Read about other that had this kind of problem but the most crashed in the towns. I never crashed in the town. Couldnt see a pattern at all. Then in act two at "The Crypt" I had it three or four times in like five mionutes. Crashed to deskto, started the game played half a minute and repeat.

I changed Shadow and GI from High to Low (if that was the third step), and I played a few hours and no crash. Strange problem - couldnt understand it, seems to be no logic. Continued to play and lets say ten hours (lost time total today) later not a crash.

And now in Town just three crashes in a couple of minutes.Never a crash in town. Never one when idled (I do a lot). Doesnt matter if I idle, walking, click vendor its freeze for a few seconds, then at desktop. One of all took the sound so I had to restart.

This is something GGG should priority I think. Some has it so frequent (like me right now) that they can't play it. But I am still unsure how common it is. It is not like the forum when I played D4, but still a bit.

And it is not a my end. Somthing with some patch must have done it. I also loooked at nVidia drivers, but it was not at that date it started. I will change one thing and then next and see - but it would surprise me. And what if I need to change two? Almost impossible to keep track of.

Win x64
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I crash if im tabbed out of game for to long and i cant seem to figure out why.
I was fine until today. Now I am crashing constantly. Windows up to date. Nvidia drivers up to date.
Reason: Patch from July 24th (Engine "Upgrade") broke the game.

Fix: None.

GGG: We don't care.
Ya that really annoys me they didn't even mention it in the last patch notes. I would feel better if they just had a note saying that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix asap.
Same. Just crashed twice, once in town and once at the beginning of a boss fight.

When I go to force quit, it looks like the game is suddenly using 85%+ memory as well.

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